Six Cooling Products for A More Refreshing Motorcycle Ride

Six Cooling Products for the Ride on MOTORESS
Six Cooling Products for the Ride

With these Six Cooling Products for a more refreshing motorcycle ride in your beauty arsenal you’ll be as cool and fresh as the Grossglockner – Austria’s highest glacial peak! Your skin will be protected, revived, refreshed for the long and winding road ahead.

Bring on the heat!

Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sun block
Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sun block

Cooling Body Mist Sunscreen

One of the best ways to stay cool is to protect your skin from getting sun burnt. Your face and neck are the exposed areas of concern. Sun block tends to have a thick consistency preventing our skin’s cooling system from doing the full job! And many just don’t like the heavy weight feel. Try Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sun block. It’s truly clever sun-protection and actually cools the skin as it’s applied. It’s also waterproof and sweat proof and available in SPF 30, 45, and 70. And you can get your hands right back into your gloves after application with no sticky mess. Spray, cool, go-ride!

Peppermint Pep! Great Pick-Me-Up for Long Hours of Riding

Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream
Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream

Peppermint is refreshing and is often added to cooling body products. Get a small bottle of peppermint oil from your local health food store and dab a few drops on your wrists, inner elbow and temples for a refreshing instant cooling sensation. Also terrific after a long hot day of riding to re-energize and relieve tired feet and legs! Try the Body Shop Peppermint Foot Cream– its cooling tingle gives you a real lift!

 Dove's Go Fresh Body Mist
Dove’s Go Fresh Body Mist

Body Mist Fragrance Spray – Go Fresh!

Instead of your usual fragrance before putting on your gear, try misting yourself with a lighter body mist! For example, Dove’s Go Fresh Body Mist is easily stashed in your hip bag (it’s a 3 oz / 89 ml bottle) – easy to tote on bike you can spritz on an energizing refreshing pick me up at every road side stop! The grapefruit and lemongrass scent is energizing; Refreshing Water Lily and Fresh mint” will rejuvenate and revive! Be sure to get the matching antiperspirants too! Great fresh scent wardrobe under and over!

Fix for Oil Slicks54_coolbeauty

When you start to shine, forget about reaching for the powder instead, try blotting papers. These absorbent lightweight papers have been used for centuries to soak up sweat and instantly impart a matte finish. Did you know a piece of a disposable toilet seat cover will do the trick?! Or for a more elegant option, try Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens. The addition of green tea helps soothe and freshen skin. Its slim package fits easily in your moto-jacket pocket or hip bag.


Eye-Opener Just Around the Corner

We are face forward to the wind, dust and sun! Though we have a face shield, or eye protection, the elements still manage to find us. Eye fatigue is common among women riders – and the skin around the eye area is very sensitive, prone to ageing and needs extra care! Try Vichy’s Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick. In its handy little tube, just swipe underneath your eyes for instant sensation of coolness. It contains vitamins C and E to cut puffiness and dark circles. This little no-mess stick formula perfect to toss in your fanny pack – takes up no space on the bike!

Cooling Skin Cocktail76_coolbeauty

There’s nothing like water when trying to keep cool. Evian Facial Water Spray is refreshing and not only can be used on skin, but on hair. Use it a hair ‘fluffer’ to flattened helmet head! There are many other hydration sprays on the market and some with added benefits such as Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater contained in Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray.


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