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5 April:
Women Motorcycle Riders Set To “JUST RIDE” For Globally Synchronized Action on 12th International Female Ride Day©
The largest women’s motorcycling happening, International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) will see women riders take over the world’s roads on Saturday, 5 May for its 12th edition. Women motorcycle enthusiasts join in for the once-a-year global action to “Just Ride!©”. The day spotlights and promotes female riders of all ages, all styles, and all brands of motorcycling. IFRD can be enjoyed with a solo ride, a group ride, or with a few friends – either on or off-road. It is the most important, most unique and culturally embraced occurrence for women in motorcycling on the planet.
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18 April:
Women Motorcycle Riders Around the World Unite For 11th Edition of Globally Synchronized International Female Ride Day©
 The world’s largest women’s motorcycling event, International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) has women preparing to take over the world’s roads on Saturday, 6 May for its 11th occurrence. Women unite within the unique global action of “Just Ride!© ” to highlight and promote female riders. Each participant is a role-model for women in motorcycling while representing their individual ride culture, city/region and country.  The ride can be enjoyed alone, with a group; on or off-road. All forms of motorcycling join in.  It is the most important happening for women in motorcycling – on the planet.
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6 April: 
Women Motorcycle Riders Prepare to Dominate Global Roads for 10th International Female Ride Day© Saturday 7 May
Thousands of motorcycles powered by women gear up to “Just Ride!” in a synchronized worldwide action.
Passion and enthusiasm will fuel thousands of motorcycles piloted by women as they take to the worlds roads on Saturday, 7 May  for the 10th edition of International Female Ride Day©.

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is a global ride day occurring yearly on the first Saturday of May. Across all cultures the event brings women together through the common platform of motorcycling no matter the form or style. The event highlights and profiles the many women who ride while shifting preconceived perceptions of motorsport for women. … (PDF)  (French Version)


10 April:  International Female Ride Day© Founder Joins INDIA for Ninth Edition

For the ninth edition of International Female Ride Day© (IFRD), the events Founder Vicki Gray will journey to India and join the “Bikerni Association of Female Bikers India”, to celebrate the globally synchronized ride day on Saturday 2 May. The Bikerni are India’s largest women’s motorcycle club with over 700 members …(French Version) (PDF)

31 March: Get Ready for Woman Motorcycle Rider Global Dominance for Ninth International Female Ride Day© Saturday 2 May

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) the world’s only synchronized women’s motorcycle ride day revs up as women make ready its approach Saturday 2 May. The ninth edition of IFRD “JUST RIDE©!” will assemble the planets diverse, proud and enthusiastic women riders through all forms, and styles of motorcycling…(French Version)


15 January
Women Motorcycle Riders on Horizon for Approach of International Female Ride Day© 

Worldwide Women‘s Motorcycle Ride Day Makes Switch to Saturday – International Female Ride Day© 8th Edition to Become the Women and Motorcycling Weekend to Remember with First Historic Saturday Occurrence on 3 May, 2014. . . (French Version)