Over 1000 Women Motorcycle Riders in Australia Grab Two World Records

More than 1000 Australian women motorcycle riders exceeded two world records in one hit at the Dubbo Babe Raid this past weekend for the largest gathering of female riders and the largest all-female motorcycle parade.

1000 Women Motorcycle Meet on MOTORESS
Dubbo Australia Sets Two World Records

Organised by the club 2WheelBabes and its lead organiser Debb Dagger who said the record number attendance totaled 1002 women motorcycle riders from as far as Western Australia. Attendees were aged 16 to 74 and also took part in the parade on Saturday April 9, 2016. “It was an amazing effort, and I’m so proud of every single woman who attended” , said Debb. The plan was to reclaim the world record, while surpassing the most women at a motorcycle meet, which stood at 681  – with 1000 women motorcycle riders.

Dubbo Australia Babe Raid Sets Two World Records

Dubbo now has two world records under its belt after more than 1000 women motorcycle riders and their bikes gathered Saturday 8 April, 2016.  The Babe Raid set the original record in 2014 when 284 women rode to the coastal NSW town of Ballina. Record Setter officially declared the record at 221 women on 190 bikes.

However, last year a group of British women broke that record when 661 women rode to the famous Ace Cafe in London to set the world record for the largest female bike gathering and break the Aussie world record with 246 women riding bikes in a parade.

1000 Women Motorcycle Meet on MOTORESS
Dubbo Australia Babe Raid Sets Two World Records

Both records have now officially been shattered! “Remember, female riders account for only about 10% of the riding population in Australia, and this event wasn’t held in a capital city but in the middle of NSW, so it’s quite a massive achievement for the girls,” says organizer Deb Dagger.

­­­­As well as breaking a world record, Ms Dagger said the event was also about raising a greater awareness of female riders.

The record may have only just been broken but Ms Dagger has already promised that if the title is taken away she would attempt to regain it.

Visit the website for more information on the 2WheelBabes and upcoming events in Australia.

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