Crash Sensor Detects Helmet Impacts

Crash Sensor Detects Helmet Impact- Motoress

As more of us take up solo motorcycle ventures technology expands to assist us and provide additional security in the case when things go wrong such as in a crash. The new ICEdot Crash Sensor, soon to be released, detects helmet impacts and notifies your emergency contacts. The Crash Sensor is a small device that mounts onto any helmet.

Helmet Mounting

The Crash Sensor helmet is a slim device that mounts as an aftermarket device onto any helmet. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smart-phone, the system is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts.

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In the event of an impact, the device sends critical data to the app which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown. Unless the countdown clock is stopped- if it was a false alarm, for example –  the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send GPS coordinates of the incident so that appropriate emergency measures can be taken.

Pricing will be around USD 200.

Based in Oklahoma, ICEdot already offers emergency identification and notification services on a membership basis. The company’s aim targets not only motorcyclists but those who take part in skiing, cycling, backcountry travel and similar sports.

Though we do believe crashes and mishaps are reduced and most cases avoided by possessing good motorcycle operational skills, ensuring your motorcycle is fit and wearing proper helmet and motorcycle gear  – an item such as this allows for that extra bit of peace of mind.

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