Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution GPS Tracker – Trackimo

Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution - MOTORESS
Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution – Trackimo GPS

This tracking solution for your motorcycle improves motorbike security, reduce insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind that in the event of a theft, the police will be able to find your bike. A tiny device that features real-time worldwide tracking of your bike, viewable on smart phone app or desktop 24/7 – meet Trackimo.

About Trackimo

The Trackimo Instant Location Reporter (ILR) technology was designed to address today’s growing demand for wireless location-based connectivity with a new network element that replaces old, useless technologies. Trackimo ILR® manages all customer profiles and call routing automatically, from pre-determined rule sets outlined by the customer.

Unlike the old, traditional technologies that used static customer profiles and were then stored for the life of the customer, the new Trackimo ILR® can make decisions for the customer on the fly, adapting their needs in real-time, in response to new information, such as location, speed of travel, destination, fencing needs, and others.

This technology is a key building block that enables Trackimo’s technologies and a solid motorcycle anti-theft solution.

Motorcycle Theft Facts

  • Most motorcycles are stolen in the summer months, between June and September; July and August are the top two months for motorcycle theft
  • Only 26% to 32% of all stolen motorcycles are recovered.
  • 60% of motorcycle thefts are “hoist” incidents where the motorbike is lifted into a minivan.
  • Most commonly stolen bikes: Honda (20%), Yamaha (16%), Suzuki (15%), Kawasaki (11%) and Harley Davidson (8%)

Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution Trackimo provides 24/7 monitoring and protection for your motorcycle

  • The ability to track your motorcycle live gives you protection against theft and reduces insurance costs in the future.
  • Should your designated bike be in an unauthorized area, you can receive alerts via email or SMS regarding their location and movement.
  • If tracker goes out of its designated zone, up to three contacts can be alerted to help you keep track of your motorcycle.
  • Fleet managers and drivers can pinpoint the exact location of their assets and take necessary action to ensure that the motorcycles are returned quickly and safely.
  • Helps managers track their staff, which in turn provides better customer service – sending the business to the front of the pack, competition-wise.
  • Helps you act quicker and more efficiently during deliveries or in locating your vehicle to find out where your staff is, even help guide them to locations that they have difficulty finding.
  • Geofence features allow you to add up to 5 zones, where your motorcycle is, or is not authorized.

Plus Motorcycle Anti-Theft Solution GPS Tracker – Trackimo Will:

  • Fence alert – alert you when your motorcycle moves outside a predefined area
  • Movement alarm – Be notified the very second your bike is moved without authorization through SMS or email.
  • Speed alarm – alert you if your motorcycle exceeds your predefined speed limit
  • Unique Wi-Fi tracking for indoor tracking

It’s like a cheap insurance policy & you can get a return on your investment in few days.

Special Features

  • Speed alert – get alerts once device exceeds pre-set speed
  • Fence alert – get alerts once device leaving geo-fence you set
  • Move alert – get alerts once device starts moving
  • SOS alert once SOS button pressed + 2 more pre-set alerts buttons
  • Get app, email and/or SMS alerts
  • Live tracking of device path with 1 minute updates
  • Long battery life: 1 month in battery save mode (6x updates/day)
  • Smallest and lightest tracker, only 1.4 Ounce
  • Manage and add up to 100 devices to one account
  • Keep history for up to 5 years showing complete device path history
  • Can set a link to share by email of website embed the device’s live path
  • Attach with the supplied magnet to bottom of motorcycle.
  • Attach with the supplied clip to pets, belt, bag, pocket
  • Water resistant: product comes with silicon cover

 Learn more about the Trackimo technology here.


  1. Trackimo is really awesome all the time because it never fails the security of my motorbike. The features are cool and all true about the products.

  2. The Trackimo does the job of tracking my motorcycle. I can recommend this tracker for keeping your motorbikes safe.

  3. Good quality and quite accurate reports. Once up and running, it worked great in tracking my location.

  4. Fantastic tracker! Super accurate and can be used for so many things! Got one for my bike and another one for my drone. Definitely recommend!

  5. This is the one. I’ve researched this heavily and have been using three of these devices for over a year. I use it on my motorcycles to prevent anti-theft

  6. The Trackimo for my bike proves to be efficient especially when I need to go really fast, the readings remain very accurate, and I get speedy updates of my locations and can set the device to beep remotely. Also, I can see a map via a phone app so, it’s good.

  7. Great tracking device! It exactly provides excellent service and I love their features they’ve put with the tracker.

  8. It was so easy to attach it and it could be hidden well! I am loving this tracking device because whenever I secure my bike inside my garage, I could reattach the Trackimo onto different object I find having sentimental value with me, so I would never lose them!

  9. Appreciating how it’s easy to get updates from the Trackimo device thanks to its 3G signal!

    This tracking device works well in most areas with 3G signal compatibility and if you opt for a tracker that can easily locate by mapping the area, this one does it so well for as long as it’s mapping the first few times you switch the tracker on.

  10. lost a bike once, but will never happen again as this trackimo does what it does. just bought recently and it is impressive so much i could attach this with other sentimental values i have

  11. Installing the device was very easy and I’m impressed by how it works. Very accurate and works even in areas where the cellular connection is poor. Really helpful in keeping track of your bike.

  12. There were initial processes involved but it works seamlessly once the device has been started

  13. Definitely the best tracker I bought so far! For as long as it uses GPS Satellite 3G signal, it’s good to go.

  14. Got Trackimo for my motorbike as precaution,this device does the job I can easily check the app to locate it. I can also check the history and the virtual fence feature is cool.

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