Sana Iqbal of India Completes Solo Motorcycle Ride For Anti-Suicide Campaign

Sana Iqbal embarked on a solo countrywide ride on November 23 last year from Goa in India. After having suffered from depression herself, she wanted to encourage others to never give up in life. This past Sunday, 12 June 2016, she arrived back to her hometown of Hyderabad after a long and successful mission.

Sana Iqbal Completes Ride - MOTORESS
Sana Iqbal Completes Ride

Sana Came Across Positivity Wherever She Rode

The 27-year-old woman motorcycle rider and mother from Hyderabad, was met with cheering people as she returned home.”It’s a wonderful feeling, and I have covered 38,000 kilometres in India, all the states and union territories. So it’s a fantastic experience. Wherever I went, I met a lot of people who were very helpful, who really wanted to, you know, do something for the betterment of the society. I mean, I just came across a lot of positivity wherever I went,” she said.

During the campaign, Ms. Iqbal conducted seminars in several universities on how to combat depression. “There are two options: one is, we discuss an issue but don’t do anything constructive, only keep pointing out the negativity. The second option is when people choose to correct the wrongs. So that’s exactly what I thought. I love riding. I was interested in it. I thought, if I ride and someone is benefitted because of it, then why not,” she added.

Iqbal has been counselling patients with depression even in the past and plans to continue doing so in the future as well. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 15 persons in India committed suicide every hour in 2014. More than 800,000 people each year worldwide commit suicide – around one person every 40 seconds – the World Health Organisation (WHO) said in September 2014.

Congrats to you Sana!


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