Fun Naked Riding on Yamaha FZ7 Roadster

The newest member of Yamaha’s “FZ family”, meet the all new for 2015 Yamaha FZ7 which happends to be a motorcycle ideal for women riders, as well as intermediate riders. This model brings fun, affordability and riding enjoyment back to the street. A versatile “naked roadster” a comfortable riding position in a lightweight, easy to handle sports chassis while offering deep engine torque. It’s the perfect machine for both new and experienced riders alike who are looking for outstanding value.

Yamaha FZ7 Naked Roadster on MOTORESS
Yamaha FZ7 Naked Roadster

The Yamaha FZ7  is powered by an all-new, liquid-cooled, 689cc, inline twin engine. It has been designed to provide deep, powerful torque in the most frequently used RPM range (3,000 to 6,500 rpm). On top of this its eye-catching, aggressive styling and outstanding value- priced at CAD 7,299. the all-new Yamaha FZ7 is following in the footsteps of the FZ9 as a high quality motorcycle at an amazing price.

Yamaha FZ7 Naked Roadster Engine

All new, lightweight and compact 689cc, DOHC, 8-valves (4-valves/cyl), liquid-cooled, 20 degree inclined, inline-twin cylinder engine. The engine has been tuned to provide plenty of low to mid-range torque with very linear throttle response.
This engine is not about big specification numbers; it produces 75 hp. and 50 ft. lbs. of torque and is designed to maximize riding fun in the real world.


  • A lightweight, gear driven “coupling force” balancer shaft is used to reduce engine vibration for excellent rider comfort.
  • All new, compact 6-speed transmission “stacks” input/output shafts specially designed to suit the character (torque & power) of the engine.
  • Compact, wet-type, multi-plate clutch ensures consistent, positive engagement and a light lever pull.
  • Stylish, compact, low mounted, 2 into 1 exhaust system
  • The low mounted design centralizes mass for excellent handling and a light weight feeling.

Yamaha FZ7 Naked Roadster  Chassis / Suspension

  • All new, lightweight, diamond-type, backbone high tensile steel frame provides an optimized rigidity balance for light, agile handling with excellent stability.
  • The riding position is one of the most important features of the FZ-07, offering a balance between sporty handling and excellent rider comfort thanks to its upright riding position.
  • The chassis dimensions and shape have been designed to centralize mass and lower the centre of gravity to provide the rider with light, agile handling.
  • Adjustable link-type Monocross rear suspension is a “progressive” design.
  • The horizontally mounted rear shock can be adjusted for 9 settings of spring pre-load. This adjustment allows the rider to tailor pre-load settings to match rider weight or load.
  • Dual 282mm floating wave-style front discs are squeezed by ultra-rigid Advic, mono block, 4-piston calipers which provide outstanding stopping power and feel.
  • 245mm wave-style rear disc is squeezed by a lightweight single piston slide-type Nissin caliper.
  • Conventional handlebar design combines with the upright riding position to provide excellent all day riding comfort. Conventional design means the bars can be changed if desired.


  • 14-litre fuel tank offers a slim design with great knee grip. Slim design combines with the low seat height for a light, agile feel and increased rider confidence.
  • The “reserve” portion of the tank is 2.7 litres (this is when the low fuel light will illuminate).
  • Stylish, separate rider and passenger seats offer excellent comfort. Narrow design rider seat makes it easier to touch feet flat on the ground. Seat height is 805mm (31.7″). Rear seat can be removed and replaced by the optional Genuine Yamaha Accessory rear seat cowl if desired.
  • New, compact, liquid crystal multi-function meter.
  • Functions (all digital) include bar-style tachometer, digital speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, fuel reserve trip meter (counts kilometres since the fuel went on reserve), clock, gear indicator, instant & average fuel consumption, intake air temperature and coolant temperature. Plus a range of warning and indicator lights. Back lighting is adjustable.
  • Start function is integrated into the engine kill switch.  Passing flash button is provided.

Yamaha FZ7 Naked Roadster Details

  • Premium sport touring tires
  • Lightweight aluminum footrest mounting brackets and heel guards
  • 5-position adjustable front brake lever
  • Fold out under seat bungee cord fastener straps
  • Brilliant LED rear tail light with unique running / brake light display
  • Excessive lean angle engine kill switch. If unit is on its side the engine will shut down to prevent serious engine damage
  • Lockable steering
  • Durable 525 series “O”-ring-sealed drive chain
  • New, stylish & sporty 1 piece chain guard and inner rear fender
  • Lightweight, low-maintenance sealed battery
  • Yamaha diagnostic tool connector is located under the seat. This system can significantly reduce diagnostic time in the event of a problem.
  • SEAT HEIGHT 805mm (31.7″)
  • FUEL CAPACITY 14 litres (3.1 imp. gallons)
  • WET WEIGHT 180 kg (397 lb.)
  • COLOUR(S) Matte Metallic Gray; Bluish White; Vivid Red
  • ESTIMATED FUEL CONSUMPTION± 24 kpl / 68 mpg (Imp.)

Visit Yamaha to find a dealer near you- and to check for demo ride dates to try the Yamaha FZ7  yourself!

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