Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Key Chain

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Every motorcycle rider needs at least one tire pressure gauge. Our portable mini motorcycle tire pressure gauge key chain ensures you can manage your motorbike tire pressure and adjust it anytime, and any place for your riding safety needs.


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Available in this light-weight mini size, the MOTORESS motorcycle tire pressure gauge is handy to carry. Stow it in your motorcycle jacket pocket, attach it to your tank bag, or stow it easily under any motorcycle bike seat.

With this little motorcycle tire pressure gauge you won’t have to guess or question the service stations public air-pump – which are usually inaccurate. You’ll  be able to adjust pressures for a long rain/wet ride or elevated roads and changing surfaces.
This all means you’ll be riding with greater confidence and peace of mind!

Read more about how to manage and check your motorcycle tire pressure here 

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge Details:

  • Made from light aluminium it will measure up to 50 psi.
  • The telescopic psi measure bar ejects upon contact with your motorcycle tire air valve providing an accurate readout of your tire’s pressure.
  • Our trendy silver design provides a modern style accent.
  • The locking key chain hook fastener is easily attached to almost anything.
  • It measures 8.5 cm in length and weighs just 9 g (3 oz) 
  • Motorcycle tire pressure gauge available in silver and in metallic red

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Metallic Red (02), Metallic Silver (01)


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