BMW F800 GT Ride Review – The Full Package Lightweight Tourer

BMW F800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS
BMW F800 GT Ride Review – The Full Package Lightweight Tourer

BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review

It was in 2013 that the BMW F800ST was revamped to become the BMW F800 GT. I recall enjoying the ST through the twisting Austrian Alpine roads. Indeed I’m familiar with the model. Outside of all I’m going to share with you here about the 2015 F800 GT model, there’s one major factor which carries through from the ST to the GT.

The BMW F800 GT is exceptionally agile, easy to steer, corner, and manoeuvre. I’ve found few motorcycles, outside of a couple other BMW’s- I’ve ridden which so effortlessly drop into corners – literally! Be it a fast highway curve or a sharp urban turn the BMW F800 GT is remarkably easy to steer. It might be its low centre of gravity and wide turning radius – the BMW F800 GT is for certain just one of those motorcycles that is way more than meets the eye.

In 2013 BMW Motorrad changed not just the name of the F800 ST to F800 GT but its character to represent slightly less sport and more touring – a light tourer – just like a Coca Cola light so to speak. The BMW F800 GT has refurbished platform to reflect what research showed – customers wanted. This indeed was a little more tourer – a little less Sport (S) and more Grand (G) touring.

The BMW F800 GT is one of BMW’s more affordable models and a heck of a lot of bike for your money. It’s not what I view as a sexy head turner motorcycle and it’s really quite simple in design. But then again, BMW motorcycles tend to get respect. Notable is its tank “hump” but that’s not really the tank. It reminds me of a camel which may be a good comparison as similarly the BMW F800 GT is great on fuel. I was able to get around 320 km’s to the tank – that’s 20 L to 1 litre fuel. And with a somewhat smaller 15 litre capacity fuel tank (4 litre reserve). It only weighs 213 kg (470 lbs) unladen. As an onlooker the BMW F800 GT appears heavy – maybe part of that is its front fairings and hump tank.

BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS

You get a terrific package with BMW F800 GT model. A water-cooled 2-cylinder in-line engine has a capacity of 798 cc with around 90 hp and you see this in the power avail and smooth riding. When stopping you’ve a dual-channel ABS the most sophisticated system in a mid-range motorcycle. There’s a longer rear-wheel swinging arm than the earlier F800 ST and tighter suspension which gives you a high level of ride stability. And you can select from three different seat heights – 800 mm (comfort seat: 820 mm, low seat: 765 mm) – a usual standard in many BMW motorcycle models – providing the right ergonomics for each individual rider.

BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS
BMW F800 GT Seat Height Choices

The BMW F800 GT I had was fully loaded inclusive panniers. Command controls on the handlebars activate heated grips, ASC (traction control), and Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA); all at the switch of a finger or thumb. I particularly liked the fact of being able to adjust the rear rebound-stage damping to my road conditions – at the press of a button.

For those looking for an even higher level of safety, assistance is provided by the optionally available ASC.

BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS

The BMW F800 GT Ride

Extremely composed throttle response—you have to be horribly careless with the grip to get anywhere near abrupt acceleration. There’s a wide, steady power curve that’s linear. The engine never really feels like its making all the 90 claimed horsepower. Torque is sufficient, but I found the grips and pegs feel a little buzzy. This was most notable at higher speeds.

When it’s time to slow down or brake, the BMW F800 GT floating brake discs, 4-piston fixed calipers squeeze 320 mm floating rotors up front, (rear single disc, diameter 265 mm, single-piston floating caliper) provide big stopping power – even with just one finger on the lever. ABS is standard and cannot be switched off, unlike the optional ASC.

Standout Features on The BMW F800 GT

  • Low-maintenance toothed-belt drive.
  • Magical front end turn/manoeuvrability
  • Light weight but this is truly felt when on the bike. Seat height options
  • Not too “tourer” looking; style still looks sporty.
  • Gel seat. I succeeded in riding an Iron Butt challenge on the bike and was in the saddle for 22 hours.
  • ABS – anti-lock brake system
  • ASC – Automatic stability control
  • ESA – electronic suspension adjustment
  • RDC – type pressure monitoring on screen.
  • Heated hand-grips.
  • Rear wheel spring pre-load adjust with on board tool!
BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS
BMW F800 GT Comforting Seating

As BMW say, hit the road – the journey begins! Truly the BMW F800 GT offers impressive dynamic performance on every ride – suburbs, winding mountain passes or endless highways. And in my case, add metropolitan city jungle.

TIP: Get all the optional features, you won’t regret the avail of these master controls.

The BMW F800 GT is available in three colours:

Montego Blue Metallic (the model I tested); Light White and Monolith Metallic Matt / Sapphire Black metallic

BMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESSBMW F 800 GT Motorcycle Ride Review on MOTORESS

Visit BMW Motorrad and find a retailer near you.


  1. I am a woman, 5’5, 100lbs. Would really like to own the F800GT. It has fly by wire, ESA, heated grips, traction control, but, NO Cruise Control!

    Deal Breaker for those of us who do long highway miles.

  2. My wife and I upgraded to new bikes, KTM SDGT for me and the 2014 F800GT for Lyne, retiring our G650GS and a F650GS. The KTM is a fantastic sport tourer but I don’t have any problems riding the BMW all day long, fantastic bike. I enjoyed re-reading your article pointing out the subtle highlights, spot on. Thanks.

  3. Sarah, great to hear! Thanks for sharing your experience. The F800 GT is a superb ride. In fact many underestimate it. It is great for all the reason’s you highlighted and then some. Keep having fun and keep us posted.

  4. Enjoy the review, even though I don’t know when it came out. But! The F800 GT is my current ride, a 2013, and mine is the Valencia Orange. Needless to say, on my first ride with this bike, I was struck by the butter smooth response and way it handled the road and has been teaching me even more about riding. I am a new rider, and this is my step up from the previous set of wheels. I LOVE this bike, it is a joy to ride whether we’re putting in long miles on a freeway, or carving the corners in the canyon we live in. It is just right. It will be awhile before I “think” I will want to move on. :)

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