BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Replica Ride Review

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Replica Ride Review on MOTORESS

It’s unlikely you’ll find a BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer replica there were only 68 of these units built. Known as “CP” for short, Chris has spent most of life as a street-bike freestyle rider. Today he holds four World Championship titles and four European stunt riding championship titles. He is truly an astounding talent to watch in action! He has used the BMW F800R to wow us all – in honour of his feats BMW created the Chris Pfeiffer limited edition!

Riding this BMW with Chris’s signature on the gas tank has more to it than that for me! I happen to have acquainted Chris personally. We worked together during a stunt rider contest on TT Circuit Assen! We were two of four judges on the panel. It was around 2001 or 2002. Who knew all these years later I’d be riding a bike produced in his honour!

Chris Pfeiffer World’s Best Stunt Rider

Chris started riding at the age of five. With an eventual focus on trials riding, he started competing in Amateur trials through to 1992. Then he took to free-riding and doing shows on trials bikes. In 1996 became a professional full-time rider and in 2000 focused entirely on Stunt-riding. He started using a BMW F800R early 2006 which he adapted to his needs – closely resembling the later F800R. Chris had been integral in development of the F800R. “The engine is loads of fun – I love its response even in the low and medium engine speed range, as well as its enormously wide rpm range, both when riding on the road and for stunt riding. Then there is the perfect throttle response and sensitive control-ability of the 2-cylinder engine – absolutely imperative to be able to perform spectacular stunts”, says Chris.

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Replica Ride Review on MOTORESS
Chris Pfeiffer

Though I am no expert of what consequences stunt riding demands make on a motorcycle used for stunting, I can say however, that after taking a spin on the BMW F800R that it made me feel free and confident! Maybe it’s the fact of knowing that the bike is favoured by Chris Pfeiffer the world champ who’s demonstrated most effortlessly it can be thrown around quite easily while performing!

The F800R is classified as a “naked bike” and sits in BMW’s ‘roadster’ category. There’s no doubt it’s a sporty model which has evolved to a high level of riding dynamics maximum riding pleasure in the very raw sense!

Whenever I review a bike I note the first impression or feeling foremost in my thoughts during the first kilometre. On the F800R this is best described as riding or moving as though airborne, free. Its low, dry weight offers superior agility. It was obvious to me this is the bike of choice by the World Champ – Chris Pfeiffer.
The engine provides an impressively dynamic level of power delivery when between 5,000 and 8,000 rpm; accompanied with the unique sound via the Akrapovic exhaust. It’s a playful bike and of course ideally matched in the urban playground.

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Motorcycle Torque

The F800R is equipped with BMW’s liquid-cooled parallel twin with 4-valve technology; an engine capacity of 798 cc. It has a power of 87hp and torque of 86 Nm. These figures combined with a total weight of 177 kilograms enable the motorcycle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds and achieves a top speed of 222 km/h. There’s a real impressive pulling power when turning the throttle on; a spontaneous response yet a low-level of fuel consumption.

The Pfeiffer replica was designed with a blue/white/red paint-job and a sticker kit which you fit yourself. Naturally it bears Chris Pfeiffer autograph on the tank. The wheels are painted black (rear) and white (front), precisely how it is on Pfeiffer’s own stunt bike. The small windscreen was omitted and the headlamp dropped for a stripped-out look compared to the standard F800R; a passenger seat cover included creating that true sporty accent!
An Akrapovic street legal end exhaust is fitted which also is standard on this model.

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer Replica Ride Review on MOTORESS

The F800R is a best choice for street riders in the urban environment. It’s incredibly easy to handle – light as air! Spectacular turning and manoeuvrability resulting in endless thrills/ ultimate rider control. It would be an excellent short highway commuter; the F800R is definitely a motorcycle for the thrill seeker and for the rider whom enjoys the feeling of being “out there”. Long distance highway riding and the turbulence from passing vehicles’ will be felt as the small windscreen and lack of front fairings leaves the rider open and exposed. This is to some a pro and others a con. This could result in a rider becoming quickly tired if used for long distance touring. This factor however, I find, truly depends on the individual – as personally I have no issue, nor have on this regard.

Chris said during the 2010 launch of his signed replica – “I really appreciate the great support provided by BMW, and for me the F800R is simply the perfect stunt motorcycle – as demonstrated by my success”- and yes I believe you Chris!

Personal congrats to Chris – I knew when I met him, he was destined for greatness – his attitude was the first indicator! I remember him as an up-beat, positive and fun-loving fellow. It shows in his amazing flair and talent.

BMW F800R Chris Pfeiffer

For the 2012 standard F800R model the following equipment is available:

  • ABS Brakes
  • Tire Pressure Control
  • On-Board Computer
  • Sport Wind-shield
  • Anti-Theft Alarm System
  • Socket
  • Low Seat – 775 mm
  • High Seat – 825 mm

Standard Equipment:

  • Heated Grips
  • White turn indicators
  • Sport wind-shield in motorcycle colour

**WARNING: Stunt riding is an extreme skill and should not be performed by amateurs, or on public roads. The F800R is not sold as a ‘stunt’ motorcycle. Contact a professional if you wish to learn about motorcycle stunt riding.

More details on the 2012 model visit BMW Motorrad:

Vicki GrayBy Vicki Gray
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