Five Ways To Make The Most Fun Out of Your Solo Motorcycle Ride

Five Ways to Enjoy a Solo Motorcycle Ride - MOTORESS
Five Ways To Enjoy The Fun of A Solo Motorcycle Ride

Riding in a group can be great fun, but riding on your own can be just as satisfying. It’s easy to get caught up in weekly group rides and adventures with riding buddies.  And indeed, riding a motorcycle in a group comes with many benefits. But, you can have a lot of fun riding by yourself. Riding alone can offer enjoyment – peace and quiet of the road plus some quality “me time”.  The challenge for many is stepping outside the group riding routine but also working up the motivation to ride alone. But once you’ve spent enough time out there on the open road, freely leaning around your favourite corners you’ll likely find you’ll start to crave that solo ride time more and more.

Here are five ways you can pack in more pleasure and enjoyment on your solo motorcycle ride!

Stay Safe

Safety first. If you have ridden a motorcycle for long enough, you have probably been told at least once that it’s a good practise, depending on where you’re riding, not to ride by yourself (if you are a woman, you’ve been told this about 100 times). But, there are a few things you can do to crush the nay-sayers and give yourself a little peace of mind so you can get out there on your own and have more fun.

    • Learn how to repair your own flat tire  as well as take care of other basic moto maintenance issues that you may encounter on a ride. And it’s been said that with duct tape and a bungee cord you can fix most anything! So pack a bungee cord and a tape. For a  flat tire, you can purchase small tire repair kits which are easily stowed.
    • Understand you bikes fuel usage and mileage to the tank.  This is crucial to avoid running out of gas. How many litres does your tank hold? How far can you go on a tank?
    • Make sure you have all the tools you need in your motorcycle on-bike tool kit. Many riders forget to check these.
    • Be sure to bring a little food and water as well as your identification, money, and a fully charged phone.
    • If you are unfamiliar with the road and are just heading out to where the road takes you, bring along a paper road map as back up when data access fails.
    • Tell someone where you are riding and how long you expect to be gone. If you or someone you love is really worried, you can get a phone tracking app so a few people can know your whereabouts.
    • Add a high visibility vest or reflective tape to your motorcycle to make yourself more visible to drivers

Ride in Comfort

If you’re not comfortable on your motorcycle, it is impossible to have a good time. When riding solo, comfort plays an even more important role because there’s nothing to distract you from discomfort as happens when riding with others. Yes they too are distractions. It’s just you, your sore bum and aching throttle hand. To avoid experiencing discomfort, wear the right gear and good motorcycle gloves that fit.  Plus spend time adjusting your motorcycle to fit. A good ergonomically fitted ride ensures you are riding capably and reduce your chances of experiencing numbness, aches, and pains. And you might also consider using an AirHawk Cushion or changing to a custom-made motorcycle seat to achieve even more comfort.

Set A Goal or Destination

Having a goal can also make a solo ride more fun. It could be anything from riding to a new town, visiting a relative or friend across the region, riding to a beach, ski or holiday area or even practising riding skills in an empty parking lot along the way. Covering a distance in a determined time. First thing’s first: learn the proper skill or technique so you can confidently practice on your own. There’s no one around to protest when you want to session that drop one more time.

Ride Somewhere New

Having a destination can bump up your enthusiasm for going on a solo ride. Maybe you want to explore a new route or road, ride your way to an awesome beach, national park or just check out that new café. Tackling new adventures on your own can be empowering, and boost your confidence. Need a holiday? Why not pack up your motorbike and get out-of-town? You may just find that a solo vacation is good for the soul.

Capture Your Ride Adventure

When you are riding through a group ride, you don’t always get the opportunity to stop and “smell the roses”.  But you’re riding solo, so stop and snap a selfie with that cool rural sign that says “thanks for visiting”.  Savour the scenes and capture some photos to remember the journey. While you’re at it, share your unbelievable ride with your friends on social media so everyone can be jealous—or inspired—by your special Solo Motorcycle Ride adventure.

A Few Extra Benefits to Riding Solo:

      • You can go WHERE you want.
      • You can go WHEN you want
      • You can STOP as many times as you want
      • It gives you time to THINK.
      • You can’t get left behind or rushed.

And remember, no matter where you ride, you’re certain to make friends and enjoy conversations – or even come across another rider. It’s easy to strike up conversations when you are riding solo – if you want – or not!


Vicki GrayBy Vicki Gray
Editor, founder MOTORESS; motorcycle basic, advanced and race instructor certified for over 28 years. Motorcycle On-road and race licensing examiner. Coached, taught, examined riders for European, Caribbean and North American training institutes.



  1. Very good article, Vicki. I have been riding solo for many years, and all your tips are válid.
    I would add one more: ” Take your time.” Don’t be in a hurry. And take the roads less travelled. Make plans, but be open to change. Some of my favourite memories involve unscheduled stops or interesting roads not on my original route.
    Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

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