Harley-Davidson Street 750 Motorcycle Has X-Factor

This new liquid-cooled urban styled Harley-Davidson Street 750 has arrived!  It’s a fun, solid ride and brings the Harley signature to a new flavour of budget friendly. Its liquid cooled Revolution X engine (the X-factor as I like to refer to it as) 60-degree V-twin powers the Harley-Davidson Street 750 – for a practical ride experience.

Harley Davidson Street 750 on Motoress
Harley Davidson Street 750

It has been some time since Harley-Davidson introduced a new sector to their line, this being the Street 750 and the slightly smaller model the 500cc variation; models expanding their selection. Manufactured at their plant in India, the Street 750 is the result of Harley survey asking riders what they’d like to see in an entry level motorcycle. Among better ride fit and urban commute comfort- price point was a key factor and the Street 750 seems to satisfy all.

X-Factor: 1) a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome. 2) a noteworthy special talent or quality.

First Observations Riding the Harley-Davidson Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is a simple straight forward motorcycle design and is and entirely fresh model, unlike any other in their portfolio. It’s liquid-cooled which also sets it apart from the line, outside of their V-Rod models which too are liquid-cooled.

A narrow and low seat, just 709 mm (25.7”) from the ground makes it easy to get a leg over – accentuating confidence being flat footed to the ground.  It’s weight is very manageable at  222kgs (fully laden with all liquids).  There’s a higher ground clearance than most cruisers (145 mm) which helps riding when riding over potholes- a characteristic of many mashed up city roads. I also found the suspension in combination with ground clearance produced a less bumpy ride feel. You can sense the wide handlebars; but not too broad – allowing for a wide turning radiance. This is ideal for manoeuvring through city alleys, parking lots and rush hour streets. The Street 750 mid mounted foot pegs I found comfortable and perfect height, average that is, in my case. There may be some cramping for longer-legged ladies.

As you look forward to the controls you notice there’s not much there;  easier for keeping your focus to the streets.  There’s no tachometer but if you’ve been trained well by your motorcycle instructor you know that you need to feel and listen to the engine to know when to shift.

Harley-Davidson Street Models Intended For New Riders Mastering The Street VS Highway

The ride was fun, smooth, balanced and all that I expected of a Harley-Davidson product. And the Street 750 was easy to control and manoeuvre particularly in the corners and short street width turns. The V-Twin delivered good power – felt well from the throttle with with ample torque. The gas tank holds 13.1 litres of fuel with an average fuel economy of 4.7 (L/100 km). This is obviously is small for longer distance touring, meaning more gas stops. It’s always a trade off as larger tanks add to weight. And again, the Street models are intended for new riders and mastering the street, where the highway is secondary.

The clutch was very easy to pull and release. This a great advantage for new riders who haven’t yet developed those strong hand/clutch muscles.

Braking is sufficient yet, as on other Harley models, I prefer a double disc braking system for the front wheel especially. This just seems to be more braking performance and ability.

The only disappointments for me were on its appearance and sound. I just didn’t find it entirely of that Harley reputed style. In fact it really had some of Buell style qualities. I turned over the ignition as the classic sound seemed to be detuned. I’m not certain if blindfolded I’d would have been able to guess I was on a Harley. I think here you’ll certainly need to add another exhaust to bring out that growl. In fact, when the 883 Iron was introduced, it too was intended for entry level and new rider. And that has the components I expected from Harley. I also noted the wiring wasn’t hidden so well around the instrument panel making for a rather cheap look. The paint could have a little more pizazz.

There are three colour schemes to opt for. I tested the Vivid Black shown here. You can opt for Black Denim (matt) or Mysterious Red Sunglo (burgundy).

Harley-Davidson Street 750 on Motoress
Harley-Davidson Street 750
Harley-Davidson Street 750 on Motoress
Harley-Davidson Street 750 Headlamp
Harley Davidson Street 750 on Motoress
Harley-Davidson Street 750

To Sum it Up Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley targeted the Street 750 to the new rider and I believe this would certainly make for great satisfaction in this case. Fabulous price point. It will be easy to maintain, ride, and eventually customize. Further, it’s a wonderful fit and is not intimidating to control.

With regard to its finishes, it may be that if the Street was too flashy, similar to the Harley signature looks we’re all accustomed to, a new rider or student commuter would have troubles keeping it safe from theft. So perhaps its basic styling is a better choice for the Harley-Davidson Street 750.

Favourite’s: FIT: low seat height, wide handlebars; ENGINE: liquid cooled- better for hot summer city riding; RIDE: smooth, comfortable sit position CUSTOMIZATION: many options for long term personalization.

Least Favourite: RIDE: sensation namely the lack of classic Harley feel. STYLING: Dull finishes.

Pricing: Price: CAD8999; USD7499; EU8700

Highlighted Features from Harley-Davidson Street 750

  • Low Speed Manoeuvrability
  • Café Inspired Speed Screen
  • LED Tail Light and Mini Bullet Turn Signals
  • Belt Final Drive (no chain, low maintenance)
  • Black Two-Into-One Exhaust
  • A Blank Canvas for Customizing

 To find a dealer near you visit Harley-Davidson online.

MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road and racing schools.

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