Five Essential Motorcycle Tools Every Rider Needs

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Five Essential Motorcycle Tools

Every motorcycle “tool kit to success” should be equipped with good quality basic useful for motorcycle tools. And often this is a bigger learning curve as a woman motorcycle rider who may have never owned any tools – ever!  We’ve highlighted those in our earlier article Motorcycle Tool Box Basics Part I: Just Starting Out.
However, if you’re up to performing a few more tasks, here are the top five must have motorcycle tools which will save you money! They’ll assist you in performing more complex works such as replacing your chain or changing your oil.

Tip: Be sure to invest in quality tools from the start. If you buy the bargain brands you’ll be back to the shop in no time for replacements.

Five Essential Motorcycle Tools

1. Torque Wrench
This is used to precisely apply a specific “torque” to a nut or bolt. It uses special internal mechanisms to achieve this and makes your turning calculations exact! This will prevent you from over tightening or even breaking bolts.

2. Oil filter Wrench
Most motorcycles have their oil filter at the front of the bike or at the bottom. A specific oil filter wrench for removing the spin-on type filter will do the trick. The oil filter canisters are difficult to grip, especially when they’re old and have been subject to oil pressure squeezing them on even tighter!

3. Chain Splitting and Riveting Set
With one of these you can save oodles of money! Invest in a good one and the price paid will quickly be outweighed by the money saved in replacing your chain yourself!

4. Tap and Die Set
These  help you remedy stripped threads or snapped studs in most cases. No matter how careful we are, it does happen.

5.  Socket or Ratchet Set
These will answer so many needs. The best wrench drive size is 3/8 inch. The socket sizes most commonly used on bikes are 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 and 20 mm. You’ll also require an extra-large 27 or 32 mm socket for axle nuts.

And with those dollars saved, perhaps a new motorcycle jacket?




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