KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter Review

Kymco 300i Scooter on MOTORESS
KYMCO 300i Downtown Scooter

Those KYMCO folks in Taiwan must have known Petula Clark when they named one of their newest product models – the KYMCO 300i Downtown (now called the KYMCO X-Town 300i ABS) because it perfectly lives up to the descriptions the famed singer’s hit described! “Everything’s’ waiting for you there” on the KYMCO 300i scooter.  A maxi scooter ability with a sporty ride; mid range 300 cc fuel injected

Spunky, Smooth and It’s Torque and Power is Plenty

At first introduction I was surprised at its larger-than-imagined size. It appears very similar to its maxi sister the KYMCO Xciting 500cc. It is a downsized version of the Xciting. The differences on this liquid cooled, single cylinder, 4 Stroke fuel injected 300cc outside of obvious engine size causes no compromise except that your pocket-book will notice. A smaller engine less cost, less insurance (depending of course on your individual riding record and geo location) and, though KYMCO’S get excellent fuel mileage, yes consumption on this model will be even thriftier! You won’t be compromising performance! The KYMCO 300i  scooter characteristic of urban community itself, won’t wear out your patience;  it’s spunky, smooth and its torque and power is plenty.

KYMCO 300i Scooter on MOTORESS
KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter (Now replaced by the 2018 KYMCO X-Town 300i ABS)

A Little Shorter

The KYMCO 300i Downtown’ total length of 220cm is 5.5 cm shorter than the 500 Xciting. It’s also not as tall as the 500; 30cm lower in height. The seat height is a fraction higher, just 1 cm at 775 cm versus 765 cm of the 500cc Xciting. I’m guessing this was a design adjustment to provide more insulation from ground to seat – conquer city potholes while accommodating taller in-seams.

Its weight savings is small but by standard a manoeuvrable advantage with an unladen (without liquids) of 166 kg’s! A positive feature for its size! So this also means you have terrific acceleration from a stop – definitely experienced with smooth CVT engine  delivery. Basically you’ll have the body of KYMCO’s successful maxi scooter but a bit lighter on the overall performance – which is a great way to explore urban environments.

It may seem that the size a little unusual for a 300cc (if you compare to the sizes of the KYMCO Frost 200i – much smaller) but here its obvious folks at KYMCO were intent on providing more comfort to the commute! And on the ride-safe side, you’ll own your lane while enjoying comfort of a nice big seat (great for rush hour traffic jams) and the usual under seat stowage characteristic of the 500i. This includes ample seat passenger area for equally comfortable two up riding!

The Downtown’s lighter weight and is truly noticed with its extra ease of handling! Don’t let the size fool you! This ride is perfect for commuting through the urban jungle. With its CVT  transmission you have the expected twist and “go now” result.

KYMCO 300i Scooter on Motoress
KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter

On the highway, the KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter performs extremely well at cruising speeds! There’s a terrific sense of security all around you and its windscreen size ample enough to deter discomfort. Its solid suspension attributed to its aerodynamic smoothness! Its good-sized tires, a 120/80-14 Front; 150/70-13 Rear to reduce the bumpy ride and again, provides good long distance riding performance.


Right off you are going to feel as though you have air in your hands. The steering is light and responsive. You have a fantastic turning radius which is ideal for KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter urban travel small/short turns.
KYMCO 300i Scooter on MotoressCity riding total comfort and sense of security as well as mentioned above on highway due to its excellent brake availability – disks both front and rear.

The gas tank will hold up to 12.5 litres which is nearing the average size of your standard motorcycle. Anything higher, with a full tank would add to the overall weight slightly affecting manoeuvrability of the bike. But this tank size, ample as the CVT engine is great on gas, keeps the weight down for agile easy light riding.
During high-speed brake testing-the response was excellent as was expected due to having both front and rear brake discs.

KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter Looks Good! 

Modern colour schemes have been selected for this model; there are three to select from. The burnt orange/bronze pictured here; steel black or mustard yellow. KYMCO 300i Scooter on Motoress

Further, the bike has integrated passenger grips, centre hook, illuminated under seat storage with enough room for 2 helmets. A watertight in dash storage compartment with 12v accessory outlet for smart phones; digital instrument cluster; analogue Speedometer & Tachometer, Digital Odometer, dual beam quartz halogen head lights, integrated passenger pegs, 5 position adjustable rear shocks, 5 in 1 magnetic key lock system, sturdy centre stand, spring assisted side stand Low Battery Light!

KYMCO 300i Scooter on MotoressWho Is The KYMCO 300i Downtown Maxi Scooter Rider?

You love style and performance in your ride; you’re modern and not worried about stereotypes. You like the ease of ‘twist and go’ motorcycling; you like to use your scooter for commuting and practical purposes but you love the pleasure of the open road and travelling to the beach, the cottage or to visit other “down town” communities.

You’ve been riding a smaller cc scooter and long for more capacity, storage and more comfort for your passenger or vacation cargo/carriers.
The Downtown is your ride!

Just One Small Adjustment– I discovered one slight minus point on this model that presented a challenge – a tight knee space. The leg/knee space between seat and steering column is not extremely roomy which for me, resulted in a cramped feeling. It was only noticeable on longer rides. For a taller rider this may be noticeable.

Petula said it best – “You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go downtown, things’ll be great”!

Here the complete specifications via KYMCO Canada’s website.

MOTORESS director, Vicki Gray is a basic and advanced motorcycle instructor – certified for over 25 years. She is a motorcycle licensing examiner and has instructed, examined and licensed riders for European and North American road racing schools.





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