BMW Motorrad Sport Helmet with Integrated Bluetooth

BMW Motorrad Sport helmet

BMW Motorrad has expanded the application spectrum of its Blue-tooth communication system and now offers it with its BMW Motorrad Sport helmet. The Sport helmet is already designed for immediate integration of the BMW Motorrad Communication System. With its excellent aerodynamics and exceptional aero-acoustics, it is perfectly suited to the new communications system and its outstanding sound quality.

The system employs Blue-tooth standard 2.0 to allow wireless voice communication between two helmets as well as other Blue-tooth equipment, such as navigation systems, mobile telephones, or MP3 players.

With a main circuit board, a boom microphone, and two loudspeakers which are installed in the helmet, plus two NiMH rechargeable batteries, which enable constant operation for periods of ten to twelve hours.
The system is controlled by a three-button module, which fits snugly into any Sport helmet, irrespective of the shell’s dimensions and has been conceived to facilitate voice communication between the rider and co-rider, but communication with other Blue-tooth equipment is also possible. For instance, the rider can not only talk to his co-rider, but is also able to receive messages emitted by the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV, make telephone calls, or listen to music, provided the equipment used is Bluetooth-compatible.

The BMW Motorrad Communication System also allows communication from motorcycle to motorcycle. Depending on the local conditions, the system will allow voice communication over a distance of up to 100 metres with only a slight drop in quality, provided there is an uninterrupted line of sight between the Blue-tooth devices. If the distance cannot be bridged or the conditions are otherwise unfavourable, and the connection is lost, it is automatically restored as soon as the distance between the Blue-tooth transmitters is sufficiently small.

The BMW Motorrad Communication System in the Sport Helmet is compatible with the communication system in the BMW Motorrad System 6 Helmet.

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