Motorcycle Adaptive Headlight for Night Time Safety

Adaptive Headlight on Motoress

BMW Motorrad’s K1600GT has enhanced cornering safety with a motorcycle adaptive headlight system which points the bikes headlight in the direction you’re heading! The motorcycle Adaptive Headlight position is automatically adjusted as rider leans into a turn, putting the light where they are going instead of where they are facing. This enlightening magic is thanks to a banking sensor that is linked to the bike’s computer. The sensor also helps to provide traction control.

The (optional) motorcycle Adaptive Headlight technology on the K1600GT finally solves one of the most annoying problems on pretty much every motorcycle – by tilting the headlight according to your lean angle, to light your way around a corner as you turn it, instead of having to ride into the unknown.

Adaptive Headlight on Motoress

The K1600GT headlight also adjusts its pitch, allowing it to run a full HID Xenon beam without blinding oncoming motorists. So there’s every reason to believe this will be the best stock headlight on the market, by far.

Adaptive Headlight on Motoress

This has been available in some of their auto-mobiles, so the technology is not new. The BMW M3 Coupé offered an optional extra with the sensors monitor the rate the steering angle is and the vehicle’s speed to make sure the beams of the vehicle’s headlights stay where you need them to be on the road ahead. In tight corners, at speeds up to 65 km/h and when the indicator is switched on, the cornering lights are automatically activated.

We’re hoping this technology will catch on to other brands of the motorcycles-lighting up safety for night time riding and touring.

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