Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Accents That Work


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Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Accents That Work on MOTORESS

Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Accents That Work

Motorcycle bar ends offer protection if you happen to drop your motorcycle. Even a simple tip over when manoeuvring it in a parking lot can cause damage to your handlebar grips. Even a drop when loading it into your trailer or during a higher speed mishap on the track. The motorcycle bar ends shown in our picture here are produced by famed bar end distributor Lockhart Phillips. They perform and are available in a wide range of colours to accent your motorcycle while creating a high tech custom look in seconds!

Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Remove Handlebar Vibration

The Lockhart Phillip bar ends offer added protection as well to your clutch and brake lever by elevating/lengthening your handlebar contact area with the ground —resulting in usually prevention of your clutch or brake lever from snapping off –of course all depending on the circumstance of the dropped bike. But these definitely protect your throttle in the case of a higher speed topple over where normally your throttle could be “sawed” off by sliding across pavement.

Motorcycle Handlebar Ends on MOTORESS

Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Accents That Work

Lockhart Phillips boasts reduced riding fatigue as these motorcycle bar ends remove handlebar vibration.  They’ve used high quality machined aluminium and finished smooth or with a “knurled” edge (a knurling tool is used to press a pattern onto a round section. The pattern is normally used as a grip for a handle).

Motorcycle Handlebar Ends Key benefits:

  • Reduces fatigue from handlebar vibration
  • Protects the throttle (clutch/brake levers)  if the bike goes down
  • Available in 7 colours and 2 finishes
  • Packed as a pair
  • Great price!
  • Simple to install



*Note check sizing before you order any handlebar ends. They don’t fit all motorcycle models.