Motorcycle Frame Sliders to Protect

Frame Sliders for Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Frame Sliders to Protect your motorcycle in case of a tip-over are also known as bumpers, bobbins, or mushrooms. These names describe the small knobs mounted to your motorcycle frame. These are designed to minimise the amount of damage to your bikes bodywork in the unfortunate event of it being dropped. They are indeed a must have for your track bike where the likelihood of a crash is higher.

These are easily built onto your bike to reduce damage to frame, engine chassis and fairing panels. These “crash protectors” fit straight onto your street bike using stainless steel brackets. There’s usually a brace bar between the bumper to share the load upon impact.

They are generally made of synthetic thermoplastic providing high impact strength, anti-friction wear and importantly, are non-shattering.

Also available are additional kits for your fork and swing arm which follow along this same idea of protectors. Small nylon bushes fit into the spindles to protect them in the event of a fall.

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