Reevu Rear View Helmet For Rider Safety

Reevu Rear View Helmet for Women Riders

Years of development plus leading edge design skills have created the MSX1 Reevu Rear View helmet, the world’s only Rear View Helmet. Its design allows riders to maintain awareness of traffic conditions behind them in the same way as a car driver uses a rear view mirror.

The patented multiple mirror system fitted within every Reevu Rear View Helmet is a unique achievement of creative thinking and technical excellence. The mirror system is manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material rather than glass. Unlike glass, this material is almost impossible to break and is lighter, providing additional safety and comfort to the wearer. Put simply, this system effectively ‘bends’ the light around the shape of the head – all within the moulding of the helmet – to provide a clear view of the road behind.
Reevu Rear View HelmetEarly prototypes were met with absolute astonishment. It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a Reevu Rear View Helmet is worn that it will really make a huge difference to the safety of the wearer on our roads. With rear view motorcycle helmets now in full production, this unique technology is transforming

The helmet looks fantastic and has amazing aerodynamics. It exceeds the most rigorous safety and construction standards. A stunning package that looks great and dramatically increases safety for motorcyclists due to Reevu’s rear view technology.Reevu Rear View Helmet

The Reevu Rear View Helmet offers maximum protection and safety is a Reevu helmet’s main requirements; shields are projected and manufactured with extremely evolved materials. “APC” is an exclusive technology to Reevu. Allowing complex shapes with tri-composite material, capable of spreading impact power on the complete helmet surface. It grants an excellent degree of impact resistance.

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