Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It goes without saying motorcycle tires are one of the most important aspects of a rider’s performance and safety. The contact patch, those two small areas, front and rear, are what keeps us on the road. Along with the management of our motorcycle tires, is the compound and condition of the tire; the tire pressure itself is extremely relevant to the tire’s operation. Yet still few riders check their tire pressure.
The TireMoni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System will manage all in one.

We Don’t Check our Tire Pressures Regularly Enough

An investigation by the Institute of Advanced Motorists UK found we don’t check our motorcycle tire pressures regularly enough. This survey also found nearly a quarter of pressure gauge readings at petrol stations are false. The results show that only 18 percent of men and just 4 percent of women who are on the road check tyre pressures once a week as is recommended.
The TireMoni is your little tire pressure manager all in one! If you’re not a frequent tire pressure checker – this gadget is definitely for you!

We’ve reviewed and tested the TireMoni system and it definitely removes the hassle of checking your tire pressure and ‘real-time’ picture of your tires air-health for further ‘‘peace of mind’. We found it accurate and super easy to use.

How It Works

The whole system is composed of two valve cap units and a main key chain unit which when turned on, receives the feedback and readouts from the valve cap sensors. One valve cap sensor is for the front tyre and the other for the rear. Once in place, these cap-sensors will provide, on request or continuous feedback, of your tyre pressure – even its temperature!

Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System - MOTORESS
Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It’s easy to set up and comes complete with an optional ant-theft ring per cap- to avoid curious onlookers from removing the sensor. *The anti-theft ring makes it difficult to remove the cap to adjust air levels – something to consider.

The sensors must be mounted on to metal valve stems which most modern motorcycles have.

TireMoni Benefits

  • Aims to improve ride performance and handling by helping you maintain optimal pressures.
  • Decreases chance of blow out from over inflated or under inflated tires
  • Time saver! Less ride time spent making tire pressure checks/inspections.
  • Great preventative management. While monitoring your tyre’s pressure you have the potential to detect problems before they become serious.
  • Helps aid in fuel cost management. Incorrect tyre pressures i.e. an under inflated tyre can cause the bike to work harder; use more fuel.
  • Assists in extending the life of your tyres by managing a consistent pressure rate.

If your tire pressure becomes low or too high (these guidelines pre-programmed into the unit by you) – three beeps sound accompanied by a vibration from the unit. So if you can’t hear the warning you can feel it.

We don’t recommend you keep this on the same key ring as your motorcycle key, though it seems like the best place to carry the TireMoni. It will be bumped around and this means subject to abuse and potential damage. Attach it to the inside of your jacket pocket, on your carry on bag or fanny pack – some place handy to refer to it when you need.

There are various models of the TireMoni for the various types of motorcycle’s including quads/ ATV’s. There’s a cruiser, cruiser with trailer, trike and side car version. We tested the sport bike model T400.

We’re still testing its long-term accuracy so stay tuned for updates.

The system is well designed and it’s obvious a lot of thought went into it!
It is a little pricey at EU 139,00 which is about $170.00.

Select Your Measurement in PSI, BAR, or KPA

Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Tire Moni Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

We wouldn’t classify the TireMoni as a ‘must have’ yet this would definitely be handy for the rider who finds it a hassle to manage tyre pressure or who rides long distances – or simply wants further peace of mind. It makes a great gift for the rider who has everything!

More features:

  • Unit can be turned off or kept on all the time
  • Sound can be muted with the ‘mute’ button function
  • Temperature selected in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Connection status display
  • Battery low light
  • Back light allows viewing in dark
  • You can buy replacement sensors if lost or damaged which work with any unit.

Note: Our model came with the tire valve sensors numbered “1” and “2” rather than “F” for front and “R” for rear, indicated in the on-line photos.
We used 1 for front and 2 for rear.

Visit the manufacturer’s website to get yours!


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