Motorcycle Helmet Medical Data Carrier Rider Must Have

Motorcycle Helmet Medical Data Carrier - MOTORESS
Motorcycle Helmet Medical Data Carrier

This little pouch, called the Medical Data Carrier (MDC) has commonly been seen around race tracks-  road or dirt- on racer’s helmets. It’s now being seen as an important part for the everyday rider’s “just in case” defense. Here at MOTORESS our Medical Data Carrier Helmet has become an item we’ve endorsed and made available in our shop.

The MOTORESS Medical Data Carrier – attaches to any helmet and doesn’t rely on satellite connectivity resulting in it being a ‘sure-fire’ component to shortening the steps your life saving info to a first responder or nearby good Samaritan.
The MOTORESS Medical Data Carrier adheres to your helmet (won’t harm even the most expensive surfaces; uses a non-exothermic adhesive) and contains your unique, bilingual (French) medical information on site, on you! Your critical lifesaving data and crucial emergency contact information is easily accessed in the event of an emergency.

Motorcycle Helmet Medical Data Carrier - MOTORESS
Motorcycle Helmet Medical Data Carrier

Over the recent years, riding solo and longer distance touring solo over the worlds underpopulated and deserted terrains has become not only popular but doable. This namely due to the security and connectivity comfort accessed via mobile phones and GPS communications system. Many of these also integrate into helmets and on-board motorcycle data processors. Along with these gadgets are smartphone apps which also notify friends and families when we’re in trouble – via satellite or through available mobile networks.  Many of today’s motorcycles include such safety features as “excessive lean angle engine kill switches” that if the motorcycle is on its side the engine will shut down. Things are most certainly going in the right and safe direction for riders.

The MOTORESS Medical Data Carrier – requires no connectivity other than being adhered to your helmet. On the inside, a two sided, water-proof paper contains information on your identity and medical history including information such as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions. This data assists first responders with the crucial triage stage of your important medical data.

Bold text on the outside of the carrier also warns responders to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique.

It’s highly visible, secure and aerodynamic and is best attached to the left side of the helmet-as generally the D-ring fastener for most helmets is located on the left side. This is where people will naturally investigate in order to remove your helmet- it’s here they’ll discover the data carrier.

Each MOTORESS Helmet Medical Data Contains:

-Medical Data Carrier (Pouch)
-Double sided Form

Get yours now in the MOTORESS shop in either black or eggshell white for just CAD5.95 plus applicable tax and shipping.Motoress Medical Data Carrier

Motoress Medical Data CarrierMOTORESS Medical Data Carrier gives you a little extra road side assistance– just in case- which is never too much.

**Disclaimer: MOTORESS in no manner claims to ensure by using the Medical Data Carrier, that in the case of mishap or injury using the MDC will insure no injury, quick emergency response, or otherwise; does not make any guarantee’s to quality of life, accident avoidance, injury resolve, healing or otherwise by wearing the MDC. This packet is seen simply as an add-on to rider enhanced safety but in no manner makes any guarantees in the case of injury or otherwise.


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