Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding

Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding - Motoress

Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding

Riding a motorcycle, scooter or even a three-wheeled trike is an incredibly fulfilling feeling – just ask anyone who does! It is also extraordinarily individualist. With women enjoying motorcycling since riding a powered two-wheeler began, MOTORESS decided to find out what women really feel about men taking up motorcycle riding and /or about men who ride.

For fun, and curiosity, we took an informal, private poll among our network of women motorcycle riders.  We discovered no shortage of consensus that – all men should take up motorcycle riding. Furthermore, it was revealed that men who ride a motorcycle are considered sexier than men who don’t.

Top Ten Reasons Women Riders Say Men Should Ride

So, for men who don’t ride motorcycles yet, or ride but haven’t been on the road very often, here are the summarised top ten reasons women riders say you’ll enjoy the motorcycling life!

  1. Spontaneity.
      Men with a motorcycle are more likely, on the spur of the moment to say, “Let’s go for a ride”!  With a motorcycle and the combination of speed and convenience you can go wherever your whim and wheels want to take you. Another benefit being that it’s a lot easier to find parking close to a restaurant—making dinners out all the more convenient.
  2. Shave No More!
      Women know how much men hate shaving and riding a motorcycle means the unkempt look is acceptable, even customary. Grow your five-o’clock shadow into a five month beard, in fact, forget about neat hair or keeping clean. The famed Hollywood stereotypical “biker look” is ingrained in us all and now you’ve all the excuses to fully embrace it. And women find the ‘bad-boy’ charm…exciting.
  3. Easier to Buy For.
      No more ugly sweaters, gimmicky loud coloured ties or psychedelic socks for birthdays, Father’s Day or Christmas. You’ll now be eligible for a whole new realm of cool biker tools, accessories and custom moto trimmings. Moto branded coffee mugs, statement branded t-shirt(s), ball caps, chains;  the list is endless.
  4. Be the coolest Dad.
      And a strong partner role model. The neighbours know the biker stereotype and are more likely to leave you and your family alone.
  5. Grab Life.
      • Rather than waste time in bars, the pool hall, or lazing in front of the TV – you’ll spend all that “sober” time on your new-found love,  motorcycling. It will fill those hours of boredom, and that absence of a hobby to a new level of “I’m busy riding” or “I’m working on my bike”.
    Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding - Motoress
    Be the Coolest Dad
  6. Men with motorcycles have a Little Extra “Joie de Vivre”.
      There’s no doubt about it, a motorcycle signifies that “little extra ingredient” to a man living in our now world of sensitive men. A motorcycle projects independence, self-reliance, and fearlessness. And the fact is, any guy looks daunting and macho on a motorcycle; it can be for some, a life changing accessory or activity.
  7. Better Vacations.
      Taking the wrong road and not asking for directions is A-Okay on a motorcycle. Unlike vacationing by auto, riding on a motorcycle is about adventure; about taking the wrong turn. So, when you’ve missed a turn off or refuse to stop and ask directions it will be simply summed up as all – part of the adventure.
  8. Better Lover.
        Riding a motorcycle smooths out your reaction times, sharpens your senses, and improves your timing. These all transfer over to your intimacy practices making you a better lover.♥
  9. Men with Motorcycles are the Only Match for Women with Motorcycles.  
      With a motorcycle you’ll enjoy spontaneous, exciting rides together. And let’s face it, who else but a man on a motorcycle is able to keep up to a woman on two wheels? Though riding and the focus to the road doesn’t exactly make for meaningful conversations;  it will result in lots to talk about when the ride’s over.
  10. Adventurous Senior Years.
      Riding a motorcycle has been proven to keep your mind and body fit making it a terrific lifestyle for a retiree. And don’t forget how cool and young anyone looks on a motorcycle. As women still generally outlive men, having a motorcycle is definitely an add-on to your quality of life.
Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding Motoress
Ten Reasons Men Should Take Up Motorcycle Riding

* Special thanks to all our women rider friends who shared their opinions with us!


  1. Yes! all men should ride, but I prefer to shave and wash and not ride a cruiser lump. A bike that has some zip and easy handling always a preference and should be for the ladies too. It does to help you stay active in every way longer, I speak from experience having got my first bike licence in 1954 and still make riding a key part of life.

  2. The women in my life have never suggested that I should not ride a motorcycle, so maybe this list explains that attitude a little…

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