Four Big Reasons Women Motorcycle Riders Cross USA Borders To Enjoy Ontario’s Riding Wilds

Women Motorcycle Riders Cross USA Borders To Enjoy Ontario's Riding Wilds - MOTORESSTouring among motorcycle riders is becoming ever more popular and for that fact, easier. Being connected with mobile access, GPS systems allows for easy mapping and a deeper sense of safety when riding those deserted roads. This is why more women motorcycle riders are crossing USA borders to enjoy Canada and Ontario’s riding wilds.

Connectivity provides extra assurance – a factor to more women hitting the road more often too – solo. Women of all ages are spending more time touring, riding greater distances to experience the extended freedom and adventure their two-wheelers offer.

The Ride Adventure Begins Right From the Border

Canada and it’s premier province Ontario has been rising in popularity on the ‘must ride’ list women riders. Crossing borders and bridges, launches the ride adventure with a feeling of crossing cultures even though US and Canada share many similarities. It has now become the trend for the American motorcycling woman and here’s why.

  1. Breathtaking Wilderness! Unspoiled roads lined with endless forests and abundant wildlife…and some trendy cities too!

    Three of the four seasons taking place in Ontario provide unrivalled pleasure for motorcycle riding. For these reasons, as well as the province hosting two of the most multicultural diverse and socially interconnected cities in the world, Toronto and Ottawa- nearly 40% of Canada’s population lives in Ontario. Roads to take you along the shores of over 250,000 lakes including Lake Superior, the largest in the world. You can lose yourself in the nature or the city.

  1. More Value for the Price of Fuel, Adventure’s, Hotel’s and dining.  Women have more reasons to be budget conscious and the additional cents gained on US dollar exchange rate is a big benefit.

    The US dollar is generally stronger and even if near par with Canadian currency offers more value to American visitors. At the time of publishing this article, one US dollar gives you 1.15 Canadian. This is a fabulous incentive for women to vacation in Ontario. Women see the advantages- considering on average 30% of the female income generated goes to ‘being female”. Not failing to mention women still earn less for the same job as men! ) and capitalise on the exchange. Have the dollar do a little extra on a holiday is a huge bonus.

  1. It’s a Safe Place To Travel Solo or With Other Women.  Generally outside of the major cities, though reputed for safety, you’ll be treated like one of the family by the average Ontarian.

    You’ve all heard it, Canadians are polite and friendly and this extends right through to trustworthiness. Plus crime is low and always has been. Being lost, or stuck on the side of the road is not a worry in Ontario- a friendly Canadian will stop immediately. And in Ontario, where 40% of Canadians live (don’t forget Ontario is larger than France and Spain combined!) – you could not find a warmer, more polite kind. Canada is not only ranked high on the global list as one of the safest countries for solo travellers, Ontario’s famed cities, Ottawa and Toronto, are considered the safest (and exciting!) cities for women on their own.

  1. There are nine bridges (plus one tunnel) to ride on or through from USA to Ontario!

    There’s no denying, the added thrill from riding across a country’s border on your motorcycle – instils an incredible feeling of journey. When the crossing guard asks for your passport, it all feels like you’ve truly left home behind.

As this trending preference of women motorcycle riders continues, Ontario is prepared with a warm friendly welcome. With it’s free, wild and awaiting roads this ride destination will always delight. Though, Ontario may need to add a few more bridges to accommodate the flow.

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  1. Looking for simply more rIding,,mostly ride solo with the occasional group ride with a local Harley group. Bought my dream bike last year “Triumph Thunderbird”❤️. Made the upgrade and this bike is for touring,, I have retirement in m6 sites..although a bit soon. Just want to hit the open road and plan trips! Any takers? I am currently in CT.

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