Top Ten Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations Ontario

Top Ten Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations in Ontario - MOTORESS
Top Ten Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations in Ontario

As a woman motorcycle rider  I’m certain we can agree, there’s no better outlet than hitting the open road to enjoy a day of riding– or a long distance tour. The sun on your face, the wind caressing your body as you throttle through corners. The accents of roadside shimmering lakes and green pined woods… alongside Ontario’s freedom routes could not be finer.

Yes, I refer to Ontario because MOTORESS International moved from Europe to be headquartered here for global access. Canada, Ontario, is well admired and a sought after geo of motorcycle and scooter riders the world over. The wide open spaces, natural well-kept riding roads, and the freedom experienced is like none other.

I’ve become better acquainted with Ontario and discovered an incredible number of what I like to call – ride destination Spa retreats Ontario. This concept makes for an ideal finale to a day’s riding; or even a few days for that fact! Ontario is a gateway to the best attractions, events and experiences each to the avail of their local region. Outdoor adventures, winery tours, country fairs or exceptional theatre. Each spa host will be able to share features in their region.

When I took up riding all those years ago, I loved the outlet provided me –I still do. The outlet, then, for me was of being completely contradictory to my profession – a corporate lifestyle requiring me to be entirely presentable in the fashion sense of standards. Suit, hair well styled, and of course nails/make-up done. I found riding a motorcycle the entire opposite, my hair tussles, dust-covered my face and lips and the attire was less formal. At the same time I enjoyed my femininity and like today, embrace that aspect of being a woman. So, I started including Spa trips in partnership with my motorcycle rides.

Here below is my preferred list of Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations in Ontario. Many are easily accessed from New York.

**Don’t forget American women riders…your US dollar now gets you more value for your ride budget here in Canada.

So enjoy! …. Ride, Revive, Ride!

~Vicki Gray~

Top Ten Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations in Ontario - MOTORESS
Top Ten Motorcycle Rider Spa Retreat Destinations in Ontario
  1. Briars Resort & Spa
    55 Hedge Road RR 1 Jacksons Point
    L0E 1L0
  2. Claramount Inn & Spa (now permanently closed)
    97 Bridge Street, PO Box 20024 Picton
    K0K 3V0
  3. Eganridge Inn & Spa
    26 Country Club Dr. Fenelon Falls
    K0M 1N0
  4. Elm Hurst Inn & Spa
    415 Harris Street Ingersoll
    N5C 3J8
  5. Falls Inn & Spa
    140 Front St W. Walter’s Falls
    N0H 2S0
  6. Gananoque Inn & Spa
    550 Stone St. South, Gananoque
    K7G 2A8
  7. Glenerin Inn and The Spa
    1695 The Collegeway Mississauga, ON
    L5L 3S7
  8. Heather Lodge
    14483 Highway 35 Minden
    K0M 2K0
  9. Inn & Spa on the Twenty
    3845 Main St. Jordan
    L0R 1S0
  10. Millcroft Inn & Spa
    55 John Street Alton
    L7K 0C4
  11. Oban Inn & Spa
    160 Front Street Niagara-on-the-Lake
    L0S 1J0
  12. Puddicombe House
    145 Peel St. New Hamburg
    N3A 1E7
  13. Sir Sam’s Inn & WaterSpa
    Eagle Lake PO Haliburton
    K0M 1M0

Vicki GrayBy Vicki Gray
Editor, founder MOTORESS; motorcycle basic, advanced and race instructor certified for over 30 years. Motorcycle On-road and race licensing examiner. Coached, taught, examined riders for European, Caribbean and North American training institutes.



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