What’s So Trendy About The Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black That Everyone’s So Crazy Over?

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black - MOTORESS
Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black

Last year Triumph introduced the Bobber model – a single seated bobber-style cruiser with minimal bodywork and “bobbed” rear fender. For me, it was love at first sight. And when I took it for a ride, my adoration only deepened. The Bobber became Triumph’s fastest selling motorcycle in its 115-year history! For 2018, Triumph gives us the addition of the Bobber Black – a little blacker, a little meaner, and a little stronger. For me, that means – a little happier!

So what’s the difference? The Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black dips further into the Bobber style and performance. The detailing and finish across the bike is fully blacked out and there’s a “fat” 16 inch front wheel with Avon Cobra tire (vs 19-inch on the Bobber) and chunkier 47 mm Showa cartridge front forks (vs 41 mm on the Bobber). There’s a slight increase in weight yet still light at 237.5kg. There’s now cruise control, a full LED headlamp and daytime running lamp (DRL) plus twin 310 mm disc Brembo front brakes. More performance, more control.

Bobber fit, fat front tire, and torque. The Bobber Black’s floating solo seat is a perfect fit for me, though for some larger derrieres it may present some discomfort. The bike is low to the ground, and at 69 cm (27 in) I’m fully flat-footed. I like that feeling of control. I thought its fat front tire might change the ride feel in corners or turns, but in fact, effortlessly permits manoeuvrability. The Bobber Black turns on a dime! Its distinctive British Bonneville 1200 HT engine sound and buttery smooth transmission delivers through the full range of acceleration until the power levels-off around 6,100 rpm. No matter your experience level, it feels solid and manageable. Its low-end torque through the higher revs will thrill you. That’s the glory of the Triumph twin!

Puts you out there, and sets you apart. True to Bobber style, there’s no excess here. It’s a minimalistic ride creating an “out there” sensation of motorcycling. You’ll see all the road around you and feel the wind at every angle. It’s a stunning looking machine – a head turner with huge amounts of road swagger.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black - MOTORESS
New Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black

Favourite Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black Features

  • Blacked out styling; fat front tire; attention to detail.
  • Easy to manoeuvre; ride management; comfort.
  • Sporty performance; power through to the high-end.
  • Handlebar mirrors.
Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black - MOTORESS
Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black

Round Up

I enjoy riding this motorcycle! The Bobber Black gave me even more reasons to smile with its enhanced performance features and blacked out style. There are challenges stowing cargo for a long distance trip, and of course there’s no possibility of riding with passenger – not that I have a need for that. I thought I’d like to have the ability to adjust the rear suspension for various ride conditions but realised the switchable traction control and road / rain riding modes take care of that for me. The small capacity 9 litre tank requires a little extra attention to fuel management. The Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black is priced at a reasonable $1250. more than the standard Bobber. And well, I simply love black!


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