What Motorcycle Mechanics Want You to Know

The fact is, motorcyclists could easily prevent many of the problems they encounter with their motorcycle or scooter. That’s the message from motorcycle mechanics who shared a list of the common problems seen in their shops. Read below the points gained from a Consumer Report survey. You’ll prevent unnecessary expense and downtime.

What Motorcycle Mechanics Want You to Know on MOTORESS
What Motorcycle Mechanics Want

Stay On Top of Maintenance

What makes mechanics shake their heads are the regular and outrageous examples of neglected maintenance: long-overdue oil changes, brake pads worn down to the metal, holes in drive belts and air filters with holes from rocks worn in them.

Preventive maintenance is definitely the key to motorcycle longevity and keeping your maintenance cost down. In addition to changing and checking your engine oil; changing brake fluid, which can absorb moisture; lube chains; aligning wheels, steering heads, and drive belts; and cleaning or changing air filters.

Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated; Check Tire Pressure Weekly

Low tire pressures rate high as a consistent problem. When tires are under inflated, handling becomes difficult which includes steering – the bike doesn’t want to lean causing all sorts of problems.  Read more here.

Check and Inspect The Brakes

Motorcycle brake pads cost very little. But once they’ve worn too far, you’ll likely need to replace the rotors and everything else – meaning a huge bill. When the brake pads wear down producing a metal-on-metal result, they make a grinding noise and surprisingly many riders just continue to ride on them.

Inspect Your Motorcycle / Scooter Regularly

Perform a good PRE-RIDE INSPECTION on the bike checking over before any long trip. Much of maintenance is straight forward and simple stuff that you can easily see: lights, forks, and belts or chains and fluids. Check cables for frays and liquids for leaks.
Most riders want their motorcycle to look shiny new – but fail to inspect for safety during the wash; losing sight of the safety aspect.

Store Your Motorcycle or Scooter Properly

Motorcycle storage is a big issue. Leaving a motorcycle sit for weeks and months at a time will cause it to run into problems with failure.
Use fuel stabiliser to keep filters, pumps, carburettors, and fuel-injector from clogging. Lift the tyres off the ground to prevent cracking and flat spots. Put a battery charger on the battery to make sure its health and keep it charged. And if you can, store your bike in a garage or under a cover out of the wind (Read our motorcycle storage guide here)

Follow the Service Schedule in your Motorcycle Manual

Each owner’s manual accompanied with the purchase of a motorcycle has a service schedule guide. Stick to it and of course, keep all records. This will also be of huge value should and if you decide to trade in your motorcycle or sell it.

There’s no doubt that with good preventative motorcycle care and maintenance you’ll enjoy a huge pay off long-term and more worry free, safe, riding time!

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