XENA XN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

Xena locks and security systems are on our side when it comes to protecting our most valued ride from the perils of motorcycle thieves. I’m impressed by the Xena XN14 motorcycle disc lock alarm  —it has to be the heftiest disk lock I’ve ever tried and weighs in just under 2 pounds. It’s small enough to tote around on your motorcycle,  yet strong enough for the job of protecting your bike.  And the XN14 disc lock has a built-in alarm makes a thief’s life even more difficult.

XENA XN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm - MOTORESS
XENA XN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

Brake disc locks are ideal, except when we forget to remove them, but that’s another added benefit of the XN14’s alarm—it’ll sound off before you ride away. Disc locks are so darn portable—honestly who wants to ride around with a big bike chain over your shoulder! And unfortunately, owning a motorcycle means dealing with the possibility of motorcycle theft – a very real culprit in every rider’s life. And though there’s really nothing stopping a determined thief, we make every conscious effort to deter them and slow them down to prevent it from happening. Xena security products—built by expert engineers and motorcycle enthusiasts make that task is much more difficult.

Xena Intelligent Security Disc Locks come in four different sizes, from the 80 mm long XN10 (3.25″) and XN14 to the 102 mm long XN15 (4.0″). The XN collection also includes the big XN18, which is 113 mm (4.5″) long and features an 18 mm diameter four-pin locking system and an LED light to let you know it’s active

Similar to other Xena locking products, my preference the XN14 combines a self alarming 110dB piercing alarm. It uses a smart LED arming sensor which is linked to a sophisticated microprocessor triggering the 110 dB alarm. As soon as you place the Xena XN14 on your disc it will activate in about 5 seconds of placing the unit over your disc. You’ll hear a confirmation chirp confirming you’re in protect mode! Its movement or shock sensors will set off the alarm. There’s no or off switch, so once the unit is activated it will emit 2 chirps and then the siren will sound for about 15 seconds after which the alarm will reset and rearm. *TIP*–I suggest you keep the sensor, called a reflector, clean—give it a swipe every so often with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. If the sensor becomes blocked it could cause it to go off unwarranted.

XENA XN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm - MOTORESS
XENA XN14 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

Its 14mm double-locking, carbide-reinforced hardened-steel locking pin provides ultra high security strength and the body and key barrel are ice spray proof!
The battery is easily replaced and is housed in a waterproof casing accessed by Allen Key provided in your purchase kit along with 3 keys, a CR2 battery pack housing 6 batteries

The lock comes with a neat carrying pouch that can be attached to the frame of your bike—it’s not advisable to wear the lock or place it in your jacket. This could be a very dangerous item in the case of a fall. The pouch also helps you pack the unit away neatly.

There are no replacement keys provided by the manufacturer.

What’s also cool about the Xena line is you can add-on either a cable to the lock or a ground anchor—smart thinking!

There are just two downsides as far as I can see to the Xena XN14—one being it’s available only in the colour picture here. A bright coloured disc lock such as in orange or yellow also helps to ward off criminals advertising that the bike is locked, yet maybe the blend in-ability of this lock will catch them off guard. Secondly there‘s nothing preventing thieves from lifting your bike into a bike or van—obviously you need to choose the locking system best suitable to the situation you need it for. And don’t forget to remove stickers on both sides of the lock advertising its 110dB alarm and 14 mm locking pin!

The new Xena XN14 retails for around USD100. but check your local retailer—prices vary depending on location.

And do visit their “DOES IT FIT MY BIKE” on-line system to see if the Xena XN14 is the right model for you.


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