Aline from Brazil Shares Her Motocross Adventure

Aline from Brazil Shares Her Motocross Adventure Your Story on MOTORESS
Aline from Brazil Shares Her Motocross Adventure

This is a short story of one of the happiest days of my life. The day I realized one of my big dreams of taking a motocross adventure ride. It’s a dream that has materialized in a day that is also very special to me: my birthday!

Following generations of lovers of two wheels has also left me involved in this delicious emotion of motorcycling. It really came from my father. Actually, my real passion for bikes is for the adrenaline rush. This is unlike my father who enjoys a comfortable seat and beautiful views from the highway on the top of his Virago. I’ve always been fascinated by adrenaline, mud and dust mixed with beautiful views of the countryside.

About my big day… well, it was unforgettable and I can say quite challenging.

The place chosen was Markyate, countryside of Hertfordshire, about 100 km from London England. For my safety, I contacted Trailworld Off Road Motorcycle Adventures which organize guided tours and motocross courses in UK. I followed up with other off-road fans and were able to we put the foot on the road… I mean, in the mud!

The day was rainy and the conditions were dire with too many puddles and mud. Everything was slippery. Pure emotion, many falls along with many laughs!

Ok, after seven hours on the Honda CRF250 assigned to me, with only a short break at lunch, my body was exhausted. I couldn’t wait for a nice hot bath and clean clothes.

Thus, I finished my great experience: wet, dirty, sore muscles, very happy with a motocross certificate to further verify my successful motocross adventure.

MotoressMy boyfriend arrived, picking me up for a relaxing night at Luton Hotel, Golf and Spa Resort just a few kilometres from Trailworld’s school. When he saw me he expressed that he had never seen me with such a big smile! He certainly was right.

Now I am looking forward for an off-road trip to Spain or even somewhere in Africa! I want more!

Thanks Paul from Trailworld for a great day, and thanks Betty from for this opportunity to share my story here. I do consider myself a true MOTORESS!

More about Aline Matano 

Born: Brazil, November 14, 1980
Hometown: Uberlandia
Current Residence: London England, 2006 to present.
Purchased first bike: 2002
Purchased first motocross bike: 2004


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