Italy’s MissBiker and Dainese D-Stores Team Up For International Female Ride Day

This year, to celebrate the first decade of IFRD, the Italian online community “MissBiker” along with famed Italian motorcycle gear manufacturer, Dainese invite all women riders to participate in the global “Just Ride” initiative. They’re offering a meeting place at Dainese D-Stores inclusive breakfast to all women who’ll be riding on the day.

MissBiker and Dainese for International Female Ride Day
MissBiker and Dainese for International Female Ride Day

 The Dainese D-Stores are welcoming all female motorcyclists on the morning of Saturday May 7th 2016. In order to maintain the spontaneous and inclusive nature of this event, and in accordance with MissBiker spirit, the participation is open to all woman riders – with any kind of motorcycle and regardless of affiliation to clubs, brands or styles.

The list of D-Stores taking part in the event are as follows:

D-Garage Vicenza; D-Store Roma; D-Store Milano; D-Store Brescia; D-Store Siracusa; D-Store Bologna; D-Store Genova; D-Store Milano Nord; D-Garage Lugano.

Source, Press Release MissBiker

 MissBiker e Dainese D-Store insieme per celebrare la decima giornata internazionale delle donne in moto – International Female Ride Day


  1. I’m not sure where you live, but I took a FREE Motorcycle Safety Course (MSC) in PA and when I passed it, I got my certificate to take to the DMV to add Motorcycle endorsement to my driver license. I would expect you could find an MSC near you – Good Luck!

  2. I have been trying for about a month to get into a class at my local Harley store and they were full. I hope to be able to get my license and find a bike for myself soon. I am literally saving my pennies!

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