Our MOTORESS Partners



In 2005, BECO Motor International Inc. became the sole importer and distributor of KYMCO products to Canada. By progressively adding models to its line up each year, KYMCO has been able to differentiate itself on the Canadian market by offering a wide variety of displacement ranges, styles, colours, and features. KYMCO strives to offer more options to consumers than many of the competing brands on the market, particularly in the scooter category.

Arai Helmets Partner of MOTORESS


Over 50 years devoted solely to the art and science of designing and building the best helmets humanly possible. An Arai helmet is not the product of compromise, of a “profit” point, or a board of directors. An Arai helmet is the product of obsession, an ongoing obsession. One small result of this is that Arai helmets have actually been exhibited in art museums as examples of design innovations.

REVIT SPORT Partner MOTORESS and Vicki Gray


Producing innovative and well designed motorcycle clothing is only one answer to the question “What do we do?” For us, a much more important question to ask ourselves is: “Why do we do what we do?” The answer to this question is clear, and resonates through everything we do: we want to inspire people to ride. Our products not only serve the purpose of being motorcycle gear, they are designed for you to experience your passion to the fullest: that of riding a motorcycle.

FAST Riding School - Partner MOTORESS


The FAST Riding school started in 1987.  Owner, Michel Mercier, working for FAST RACING SCHOOL then as teacher and co-operator, purchased the school and kept it going. This was in 1990 when Michel won his last Canadian National Number 1 Road racing title and retired.  Michel wanted to aim his courses more towards the street riders than the track riders; but not without keeping it appealing for the track riders as well. It took off and became what it is now renowned for: its Advanced motorcycle Riding Courses using racetrack.

AutoHome Partner MOTORESS


Autohome, the original vehicle roof top tents, with their technical and innovative features, are exported all over the world to satisfy the demands of the most demanding of travellers.


MBScooter Rally Canada

The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is an 600 km (or so) scooter ride through some great Canadian scenery in the province of Ontario all the while collecting as many “mad” points that you can along the way, with the winner getting a brand new KYMCO scooter!

VRRA Partner MOTORESS and Vicki Gray

VRRA Canada

The Vintage Road Racing Association (VRRA), Canada’s classic and vintage roadracing association, was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiasts who just wanted to get their treasured machines back on the track. 

Metzeler Tire Partner MOTORESS and Vicki Gray


This partnership via Canadian distributer, FULL BORE MARKETING. The METZELER mission is to constantly develop state-of-art technological products aimed to answer motorcycle riders’ needs and expectations.  Their products suit all forms of motorcycle road terrains and forms – street, dirt, race, touring and more.



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