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Roland Sands Mia Women’s Motorcycle Jacket in Gunmetal, Black or Brown

the women’s new Gunmetal Mia jacket offers together a premium riding jacket bike protection and off bike wearable, classic silhouettes. Classic Café Racer styling on the outside, with a removable and separately wearable waterproof hoodie on the inside.

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Here’s your complete guide to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage. You’ll ensure proper care of your motorcycle, and a great start to the new season.

17 Great Films To Experience At The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (TMFF)

Now in its third year, the TMFF is the first and only Canadian film festival dedicated to screening movies focused on motorcycles and the incredible culture of motorcycling.

Nine Ways To Lighten Up On Those Arms And Hands For A More Relaxing Motorcycle Ride

Many motorcycle riders have a habit of holding tension in the arms and shoulders while riding. Here are nine ways to lighten up on those arms and hands!

13 Things That Make For Great Autumn Motorcycle Rides

Some of the best roads to ride are enjoyed in autumn. Riding amidst autumn’s conditions can be challenging however, with preparation and planning your autumn motorcycle rides will be awesome, and safe!

Motorcycle GPS Navigation TomTom Rider 400

Motorcycle GPS navigation systems aren’t new, they’ve been available for two-wheeled enthusiasts for several years. But for me, I’ve always been sort of rebellious in the sense of this topic

Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Motorcycle

Higher-end motorcycles can easily rival what it costs for a new automobile. But no matter what you’ve paid, if you own a motorcycle or scooter, you’ll be tempted to save money buying the lesser expensive fuel – but this is going to cost you more in the long run.

Six Unbelievable Features of the 2019 Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin

The Triumph Bonneville Speed Twin looks serious and fast with it’s tucked in front wheel close to the engine almost like it’s ready to jump. It’s upright and comfortable, and a multi-tasking model that’s easy to ride.

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Before Every Ride . . .

Walk completely around your motorcycle each and every time you ride performing a "pre-ride inspection". This takes but minutes and ensures a safer start to your ride.
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6 Great Tips On How To Boost Your Visibility When Riding In The Dark

A weekend motorcycle tour or a long daytime ride can often turn into a ride in the dark.  As we head home or to our next destination, we need to adjust our riding technique and prepare for the changes occurring to our surroundings – particularly how we appear within the darker environment we ride.

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