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Put It On and Just Ride! The 2019 International Female Ride Day T-Shirt

Here it is! The awesome International Female Ride t-shirt to wear as you celebrate the 13th world-wide synchronized women’s motorcycle ride.

2019 International Female Ride Day Logo For 13th Edition of Worldwide Women’s Motorcycle Ride Day

Here she is, the 13th edition iconic International Female Ride Day logo. Through the years the IFRD logo has evolved yet stay true to the incorporation of certain elements. These represent the IFRD story.

New Triumph Speed Twin Legendary Icon Returns With Rich Power and Thrilling Performance

The beautiful new 1200cc Triumph Speed Twin re-introduces a legendary Triumph name and sets a new category benchmark for how a custom roadster should ride and feel, with class leading handling and thrilling performance.

New Features Set For 13th International Female Ride Day As Legendary Women’s Ride Day Approaches

For the 13th edition of International Female Ride Day (IFRD), Saturday 4 May, I am pleased to announce to you a few exciting changes. The proven track record of International Female Ride Day continues to escalate motorcycling for women the world over.

Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Motorcycle

Higher-end motorcycles can easily rival what it costs for a new automobile. But no matter what you’ve paid, if you own a motorcycle or scooter, you’ll be tempted to save money buying the lesser expensive fuel – but this is going to cost you more in the long run.

Riding A Motorcycle Improves Focus And Decreases Stress

Funded by Harley-Davidson, the study found that motorcycling increased metrics of focus and attention, and decreased relative levels of cortisol, a hormonal marker of stress. Basically, riding a motorcycle improves focus and decreases stress. 

Ten Motorcycles You’ll Want to Ride This Year

The 2019 riding year is jam-packed with exciting new offerings for motorcycle riders with some very unique, powerful, and thrilling motorcycles to explore!

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When Cornering. . .

Watch how you look: don't fixate on one point; let your eyes "glide" through the corner, far beyond where you are, and try to have a broad view at the same time.

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Put It On and Just Ride! The 2019 International Female Ride Day ((iconic)) t-Shirt is ready for you! 4 May, worldwide we ride! #MOTORESS #internationalfemalerideday #ifrd
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Daydreaming about that motorcycle tour you'll do this summer? Here's one... MUST DO on every rider's list! The famous Cabot Trail! ★ #MOTORESS for #motorcycling
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