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Harley-Davidson and Petersen Automotive Museum Announce “Electric Revolution”

Harley-Davidson and The Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF) along with the Petersen Automotive Museum announced the opening of “Electric Revolution,” the world’s first museum exhibition exclusively featuring electric motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard Delivers Basic Touring Experience

The Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard is for the rider seeking to disconnect from all the noise of the day-to-day through riding. A simplistic approach to providing the pure essentials delivers a motorcycle that provides and heightens the experience of the journey.

Put It On and Just Ride! The 2019 International Female Ride Day T-Shirt

Here it is! The awesome International Female Ride t-shirt to wear as you celebrate the 13th world-wide synchronized women’s motorcycle ride.

Best Ride Ready Tips to Start Your Motorcycle Riding Season Right

Have you had a riding hiatus? Maybe you live in a climate where you experience winter and can’t ride. The following RIDE READY tips provides you a check list to ensure you’re prepared and off to a safe and proficient start.

Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Insurance – What You Need To Know

It’s exciting to get started in the world of motorcycle riding. There’s lots to learn and insuring your motorcycle, or scooter, is a significant part of riding and your riding budget. Equally important are the details involved in the coverage you will arrange

2019 International Female Ride Day Logo For 13th Edition of Worldwide Women’s Motorcycle Ride Day

Here she is, the 13th edition iconic International Female Ride Day logo. Through the years the IFRD logo has evolved yet stay true to the incorporation of certain elements. These represent the IFRD story.

New Triumph Speed Twin Legendary Icon Returns With Rich Power and Thrilling Performance

The beautiful new 1200cc Triumph Speed Twin re-introduces a legendary Triumph name and sets a new category benchmark for how a custom roadster should ride and feel, with class leading handling and thrilling performance.

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If Feeling Fearful While Cornering...

Watch your hands, don't let them tighten on the handlebars; hold them loosely.
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2019/04/19 @ 12:10
Here's your 📣 Moto Lingo for today: Dual plugging - adding a second spark plug to the head of a motorcycle engine.
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2019/04/19 @ 7:30
Long weekend (yay!) on this Good Friday I'll be teaching motorcycling in class tonight preparing riders for their weekend refresher & final M motorcycle exam.Looks like riding in the rain skills will be honed too! Gonna be a soaker of a weekend. #MOTORESS
2019/04/18 @ 11:57
Aha! The pre-qualification “serious focus face” shot captured ttcircuitassen 😊. This #throwbackthursday was my first ever race on TT Circuit Assen for the International Ducati Race. Yup…
2019/04/17 @ 9:04
Lean in... long weekend ahead. Yay! Could be your first ride of the season? Motorcycling is a 🔧mechanical ⚙️activity meaning...
SO MUCH depends on the condition of your bike. Be diligent…
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