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Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Motorcycle

Higher-end motorcycles can easily rival what it costs for a new automobile. But no matter what you’ve paid, if you own a motorcycle or scooter, you’ll be tempted to save money buying the lesser expensive fuel – but this is going to cost you more in the long run.

Riding A Motorcycle Improves Focus And Decreases Stress

Funded by Harley-Davidson, the study found that motorcycling increased metrics of focus and attention, and decreased relative levels of cortisol, a hormonal marker of stress. Basically, riding a motorcycle improves focus and decreases stress. 

Ten Motorcycles You’ll Want to Ride This Year

The 2019 riding year is jam-packed with exciting new offerings for motorcycle riders with some very unique, powerful, and thrilling motorcycles to explore!

Ducati Hypermotard 950 More Rider-Friendly

The Ducati Hypermotard 950 is racier, more adrenalin-packed, and more rider-friendly. The Hypermotard – the Ducati fun bike par excellence – has been given a full-blown makeover: the new look takes its cue from the supermotard race world.

Motorcycling Cape Breton Island And The Captivating Cabot Trail

There’s a blending of olden routes and modern passages on The Cabot Trail making it a motorcycle ride experience that’s really quite distinctive. Like any motorcyclist, I’ve always known of The Cabot Trail.

6th Annual Beautiful Bikers Conference Ready for Vegas 2019

The annual USA Beautiful Bikers Conference, celebrating women motorcycle riders – presented by Indian Motorcycle, Polaris Slingshot and Russ Brown Insurance Attorneys, will take place February 22nd at the Golden Nugget Hotel, in Las Vegas.

Fascinating BMW R 1200 GS Self Driving Motorcycle Demonstrates Future Of Motorcycle Safety

This forward-thinking self driving motorcycle development, BMW Motorrad is by no means aiming for a completely independent motorbike but to make motorcycling even safer, and increase the riding pleasure.

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Motorcycle Function . . .

Tire pressure that's too high or too low can cause significant stability problems. Check tire pressures regularly and compare them with the manufacturer's specifications before riding.
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"Sometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive" - as said in the book ►Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Every motorcycle rider's must read. ★ #MOTORESS for #motorcycling #motorcycle
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The 10 motorcycles you'll want to ride this year. Handling ease, tech advances and efficiency are making bike choices a challenge –if you can only afford one. But that’s a good thing - unlimited options! ★ #MOTORESS for #motorcycling #motorcycle
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Long ago, courage in women was often mistaken for insanity. So was a courageous woman labeled. Now take courage, the kind which is required to control and ride a #motorcycle - a far cry from insanity more like genius #girlpower #womanpowered
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After checking out all the Vitpilen models ((( ➕options ))) and having had the chance to RIDE this awesome #Vitpilen401 — the future looks SUPERFUN for this new Husqvarna entry! 👍🏻…
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Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Insurance – What You Need To Know

It’s exciting to get started in the world of motorcycle riding. There’s lots to learn and insuring your motorcycle, or scooter, is a significant part of riding and your riding budget. Equally important are the details involved in the coverage you will arrange

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