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Holiday Season Gift Guide For The Motorcycle Rider

Tis’ the season to think of others. Motorcycle riders seem to be always riding for one cause or another and known for their big-hearted nature.  Our Motorcycle Rider Holiday Gift Guide gives yet more chances to play it forward

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric-Powered Motorcycle Arrives for 2019

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle is powered by a permanent magnet electric motor that produces instant torque the moment that throttle is twisted– which results in incredible acceleration performance for a thrilling ride.

Growth For American Women Motorcycle Ownership Now 19 Percent

Among all age groups, women motorcyclists in the United States now make up 19 percent of motorcycle owners. But the 2018 survey showed even greater women motorcycle ownership lies within younger generations.

New Kawasaki W800 Cafe Motorcycle Throwback to 1960s Original Kawa W1 Big Bike

Sleek sweeping contours and meticulous fit and finish of the W1 redefined the standards of motorcycle design in the 1960’s.

Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket with Gore-Tex Built for Adventure

Triumph are pleased to announce a new partnership– with Gore-Tex, the globally renowned technical ‘all-weather’ protection brand. This is a totally unique relationship, making Triumph the only motorcycle brand with

Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology For Amazing Corner-carving Experience

The Yamaha NIKEN GT equipped with an Ackerman steering system, twin 15-inch front wheels and an adjustable, dual-upside-down fork, the NIKEN concept was designed to deliver an amazing corner-carving experience.

New BMW F 850 GS Adventure Unites Agility and Touring Capability

New BMW F 850 GS Adventure ideally unites agility and touring capability as well as increased offroad competence and outstanding long-distance qualities.

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When Riding On Gravel . . .

Keep both feet on the footpegs, your eyes up and maintain a constant speed. Relax your grip on the handlebars, and don't make any sudden turns or braking manoeuvres.
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Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Insurance – What You Need To Know

It’s exciting to get started in the world of motorcycle riding. There’s lots to learn and insuring your motorcycle, or scooter, is a significant part of riding and your riding budget. Equally important are the details involved in the coverage you will arrange

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