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2017 International Female Ride Day Photo Contest on MOTORESS.com

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) is celebrated annually worldwide on the first Saturday of May. The day celebrates women motorcycle riders and is not country, group or organization specific. It is a globally synchronized “JUST RIDE!”© day, for women. Vicki Gray created IFRD for all women individually, in groups and collectively everywhere. Women make International Female Ride Day© their day to “JUST RIDE!”© doing what they can to promote and highlight women riders while making a positive difference for women in motorcycling everywhere. Every woman riding on IFRD is a role model for the diverse, unique and common passion women share for motorcycling.

The day has occurred for well over a decade, with the first IFRD gatherings in 2007. It is an all brands and all styles of motorcycling happening, and extends across all borders and cultures the world over.

What Is International Female Ride Day?

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) the first Saturday in May, is a global day celebrating the cultural, social and active lifestyles of women who ride and enjoy motorcycling.  The day also marks a call to action for fast-tracking gender equality, awareness, and respect for women in motorcycling or motorsport.

IFRD is created and owned by Vicki Gray. It is exclusively driven by Ms. Gray through her business platform MOTORESS®, the online magazine for the woman rider and motorcycle enthusiast. Ms. Gray is an avid motorcyclist residing in Canada where MOTORESS® relocated to from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

IFRD is all about riding in celebration, unity, and support – whatever that looks like globally at a local level. But one thing is for sure, International Female Ride Day©  has been occurring for well over a decade and continues to grow its strength from ride to ride.

International Female Ride Day© promotes all women in motorcycling and encourages other women to take up the activity. The numbers of women motorcycle riders steadily increases, and certainly more so in recent decades (women’s social values have changed, advanced, etc.) with the prominence of the IFRD occurrence.  IFRD underlines this growth and the numbers.

“IFRD provides a platform for women motorcycle riders to bond with other women, to meet and find like-minded women who ride and develop friendships with which to enjoy motorcycling!” – Vicki Gray

No one manufacturer, motorcycle brand, government, NGO, charity, corporation, academic institution, women’s network or media hub is solely responsible for International Female Ride Day©. It is the ownership of creator Vicki Gray with an action belonging to women riding any style, any make/model of motorcycle – in any culture or country. Many organisations, manufacturers, dealerships and individuals declare the IFRD theme of “JUST RIDE!”©

IFRD is a united day of global celebration and support to women who ride motorcycles while being a call for gender parity, acceptance and acknowledgement of women in motorcycling.

What’s The History of IFRD?

International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) has been observed since 2007. It is the sole brain child and creation of motorcyclist Vicki Gray, globally recognised motorcycling instructor, road racer, motorcycling advocate and owner of MOTORESS® the motorcycling lifestyle magazine.  The idea had been in the works since 2006 but came to reality on Friday 4 May, 2007  – the very first “JUST RIDE!”© day launched in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Vicki Gray Founder International Female Ride Day
Vicki Gray Founder International Female Ride Day

IFRD initially began as a national event intending to be International, where it instantly became participated globally right from its inaugural year. Vicki’s “JUST RIDE!©” theme, the action of IFRD,  caught fire and went across the border.  Women motorcycle riders in Canada, across the United States, The Netherlands and Australia joined in. Embraced by thousands of women riders, IFRD made its introduction and international success. Its achievements continue to drive it forward today, now a decade later and now permanently etched into every woman rider’s agenda – the first Saturday in May.

“IFRD was born with the purpose of emphasising and highlighting the fact that women ride motorcycles, enjoy motorcycling and have since its invention.  Women ride cruisers, sport bikes, scooters – on road, off-road but often don’t have time to ride. Our multifaceted roles as mothers, wives, sisters, care-givers, business owners etc. often leaves personal pleasure like motorcycling  last on the list.   My initiative to invite women to join together on one globally synchronized day to “JUST RIDE!”© seemed to me an action which would truly emphasise the numbers of women riders. Equally, every woman riding on IFRD becomes a motorcyclist role-model in her area; a representative of IFRD and its mission.”  – Vicki Gray (December, 2006)

In 2008 International Female Ride Day© observed women riders and activities in Australia, Greece; the further reaches of North America, England and The Netherlands, France and twelve other countries including locations in Russia. Within one year IFRD became embraced, decidedly by women riders themselves – its momentum continues to this day.

Each year “the movement” continues to expand and grow to such an extent that has truly given it a unique global status. It is the largest all inclusive, borderless campaign for female motorcyclists of its kind, and in the world.

IFRD Photo Contest

Since the very first IFRD, Ms. Gray offered a free gift memento to the first 100 women riders sending in a picture of themselves by email. This had to include their motorcycle and further depicting their “JUST RIDE!©” aspect of the day. The response was overwhelming!

International Female Ride Day - MOTORESS
IFRD Clare’s Motorcycle Dealership – Niagara – Over Sixty Women Riders Attended, May 2007

Within the years which followed, this eventually became too costly for Ms. Gray to afford so she designed a photo contest and included her sponsors and partners who donate valuable items to each winner of the photo contest. In 2018 the number of global entries caused the MOTORESS®, where the photo contest is hosted, website to crash with over 17,000 photo entries within a few hours.

The photo submissions, shares and posts on social media using the #IFRD hashtags, have evolved to become a treasured part of the day, photo contest or not. IFRD has accumulated an extensive image archive of women riders though the years sharing their “JUST RIDE!©” day happening!


  • International Female Ride Day©  was introduced by Vicki Gray and the first ever “JUST RIDE!©” day occurred on Friday, 4 May, 2007.


  • International Female Ride Day©  switches from Friday to Saturday and will make its first historic weekend and Saturday occurrence – 3 May, 2014.

International Female Ride Day COUNTDOWN
JUST RIDE! Saturday 22 August 2020

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Vikrant Singh
Vikrant Singh

April 1st

https://youtu.be/u2WsVMbV8mA ... More IFRDLess IFRD

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March 30th

Hope you are all well, healthy and keeping positive!
Due to the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) I've been closely monitoring the advice of health experts and government authorities to the global spread of the virus.
Since we’ve not yet “flattened the curve” the unfortunate decision has been made - not to go through with our IFRD global action on Saturday 2 May.
The priority is ensuring we are all safe, not putting ourselves, friends and loved ones at risk and work together to prevent and stop the spread of the virus.
As we fast approach the 14th edition there is no way now to proclaim this is risk-free date.

NEW DATE Saturday 22 August 2020
IFRD is too important, and valuable (fun!) for women riders.
With that, a new 'JUST RIDE' date has been selected:
►Saturday 22 August◄ with the hopes that this will be enough space and time to resolve the current situation.

IFRD website, logos and all other IFRD platforms will be updated shortly.

Let’s keep the IFRD engine fired up🔥 and our trust and faith to a quick end to this pandemic.
Just Ride!

Thank you and stay healthy.
Vicki Gray - Founder IFRD

**Discussions are in play regarding IFRD TRIBUTE Action on 2 May.
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March 23rd

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is staying (or getting) healthy.
Nothing to inform about regarding 2 May just yet.
Let's stay positive and hope current restrictions will be short lived and that we've not only "flattened the curve" of Covid-19 but ridden beyond it.👍#internationalfemalerideday
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