Favourite Features on REV’IT! Women’s Indigo Motorcycle Jacket

REV'IT! Indigo Women's on Motoress
REV’IT! Women’s Indigo Motorcycle Jacket Features

Versatility is definitely a sought after feature when selecting your motorcycle jacket. As a motorcycle rider, being out there means riding with the changing climate and we know that can transform within hours. This is why REV’IT! women’s motorcycle gear is a terrific gear line. Most all of their wardrobe have multi functioning options in one jacket. Removable rainproof liners or thermal liners. I can get into all the standard details of the jacket I seem to wear the most, the REV’IT! women’s indigo motorcycle jacket – but for now I want to share the key features I truly find outstanding.

REV’IT! Women’s Indigo Motorcycle Jacket Cut and Style

The Indigo’s style, fit and elegant lines make it a truly great looking jacket – on. A good feminine fit is something I appreciate. I like the fact that it’s a longer cut and extends well past my waist. Naturally I appreciate the safety features of its armour (shoulder, elbows, back) and frankly, I won’t wear a jacket without armour.

Summer and Hot Weather Cooling

This is one of the best vented jackets I’ve owned. When you get down to the base jacket there’s mesh, sleeve vents, chest vents and a collar which can be tagged open for more airflow. Even in the black colour leaves me extremely comfortable and cool on hotter days. But beware, as soon as the sun goes down, the base jacket is not enough. It’s quite chilly. You’ll have to add the liners so be sure to bring them along. Fortunately they take up little stowage space.

The rain liner also used to cut air flow if the temps drop. Adding the thermal liner makes for full wind chill protection. And the thermal liner is something I often wear when off bike and in need of a little jacket.

REVIT! Indigo Women's on Motoress

Neck Comfort, Collar Flexi Snap and Collar Hook

The rim of the Indigo collar is lined with extra soft fabric at the front of your throat. It makes for incredible comfort against the delicate neck area. This is a huge advantage if you’re a long distance rider.

The “flexi-snap” closure on the Indigo and most touring jackets in the REV’IT! line makes it possible to adjust the collar circumference easily and personalize fit to each rider.  There are about five positions to select and can easily be adjusted while riding. It’s a simple but smart feature. Having the ability to adjust the collar based on the temperatures I’m riding in or when wearing a thicker scarf or thicker neckwear.

The “collar hook” and loop allow you to draw back the front side of the collar. This allows air flow and a lovely cooling to the neck during warm riders. There’s nothing more annoying that a jacket collar flapping against your neck!

Waterproof Lined Front Pockets

This is such an important feature. I’m always using my smart phone to social media. This means I need to have it be able to grab it quickly. The Indigo allows me this access from the front pouch pockets and ensures it will stay dry in a short rain shower. The inside pocket is too much to reach for as I need to unzip the jacket for access. Knowing that my smart phone is safe and dry is a great feature. Plus the hand warmer pockets are still available on the side – double bonus!

Waist Adjustments

The jacket has waist-side adjustable straps to ensure this area fits to me and whatever I wear underneath. I like that it also provides a nice feminine shape to what would normally be a bulky straight jacket. And yes, feminine style is a preference for me in any motorcycle gear.

The jacket has a good range of colour options: Silver/Black; Black;  Black/Silver or Black/Red. I’ve the black silver combo of course.

In the Indigo Jacket, women have everything they need in a Motorcycle jacket for riding year-round. Here’s the list of the official features.

REV’IT! Women’s Indigo Motorcycle Jacket Features

  • Stretch lips at elbows
  • Short connection zipper
  • Separate wearable hydratex® GLiner. This waterproof coating is applied to the inside of the garment’s inner lining, and the seams are taped to ensure that the garment is waterproof. The REV’IT! Hydratex® G-liner coating is used in the construction of products that demand a basic level of all-weather protection.
  • Adjustability: adjustment straps at waist and upper arms; adjustment tabs at under arms, hips and cuffs
  • Knox® Lite CE protection at shoulders and elbows. Seesoft CE-level 2 back protector insert
  • Detachable thermal liner
  • Outer shell polyester 600D. This fabric made of polyester yarn makes a perfect, form-fitting medium for areas at lower risk of impact, keeping riders comfortable.
  • Monaco Performance cowhide: This top-grain leather not only has had its surfaces sanded to correct imperfections, it has been reinforced to up its performance factor for riding on the track or street. Long-lasting and extremely protective.
  • Polyester rib: Polyester fabric is a mainstay of REV’IT! Garments; features a specific rib weave, for optimal performance.
  • Laminated reflection at upper arms and back. Reflection panels ensure excellent visibility at all angles, allowing the wearer to be seen from all directions. Panels are welded to the fabric. This welding process also eliminates stitching seams, making the garments safer.

REV’IT! women’s Indigo motorcycle jacket is positioned as a touring jacket. I’ve worn the Indigo throughout Japan, on daily rides in the city and when I tour long distance. It’s a great all-rounder though with all it’s linings it will not be sufficient insulation when the temps drop below 12C.

Also good to note is it holds its own and doesn’t appear to look worn- even though mine has certainly been put through the kilometres and climates!

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By Vicki Gray




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