EICMA Woman Motorcycle Rider Mom Depicts Seven Virtues

EICMA Woman Motorcycle Rider Mom - on MOTORESS
EICMA Woman Motorcycle Rider Mom

EICMA, the International Motorcycle Show, “Motorcyclists have changed” is the claim that accompanies the 71st edition of the International Motorcycle Show, the world’s most important event totally devoted to two-wheel vehicles, will begin next in Milan from 5 to 10 November 2013.  A clear signal that aims to describe in a punctual and objective way both the users that today, are part of the urban fabric and use motorbikes and scooters to negotiate city traffic, and the entire production and supply chain of this sector. The basic consideration, which prompted the claim, stemmed from the observation of current society and the way it has evolved: two-wheel vehicles are the ideal solution for sustainable mobility.

Power of the Image

The image, clearly made to grab our attention, is powerful and stunning, and, at the same time, delicate and straightforward. A female motorcycle rider is the subject was prompted by EICMA’s media agency for many considerations, namely the fact that women use two-wheel vehicles and are a part of the motorcycle world and secondarily, the desire to get across an association with our vehicles that is reassuring.

Safety, sense of responsibility, awareness and attention: these are the pillars underpinning the photograph. The presence of a child also concretises a twofold message: i.e., nowadays, motorcycles are people who are able to assume responsibility, on the road, for different users; and the intention to attract the very young through projects and concrete actions which come under the heading of promoting the “culture of two-wheel vehicles”. As a whole, the image deliberately includes elements and accessories that evoke the latest fashion trends: safety may be given pride of place along with suitable apparel, without overlooking charm and personality.

The Seven “Virtues” of The Motorcycle

The concepts that are present directly and indirectly in the 2013 EICMA campaign aptly summarise the elements on which the sector is founded.

Safety: an entire sector – i.e., vehicle, component and accessory manufacturers – invests in R&D to ensure a future of progress and growth.
Responsibility: protecting one’s integrity and that of others. Spreading the culture of two-wheel vehicles means laying the foundations for virtuous behaviour, in line with the new urban scenarios.

Mobility: powered two-wheel vehicles are the solution that ensures time savings, the preservation of the environment, fuel economy.
Passion: motorcycles have it in them to become legendary icons in individual minds and the collective imagination. In the choice of a model over another, emotional factors play a major role. Another key reason are the wins of bike makers and riders.

Infrastructures: in Italy, poor infrastructures are a concomitant factor in 25% of the incidents recorded, about twice the European average. Confindustria ANCMA (National Association for the Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessory Industry) is committed to constantly bringing up this problem in the appropriate venues. Infrastructures should become a valuable contributing factor for the growth and the development of the industry.

Creativity: motorcycles, scooters and accessories are the epitome of design, technology, and styling. Nowadays, countless customisation possibilities and the opportunity to wear fashionable, fine-looking apparel do away with any preconception.

Vision: we work at present to be present tomorrow. Thanks to its institutional and field activities, Confindustria ANCMA promotes and protects the sector, with the aim to meet the needs of a society undergoing a profound transformation.

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