How to Ride An Electric Motorcycle

How to Ride an Electric Motorcycle - The Motoress Vicki Gray
How to Ride An Electric Motorcycle

With the ever increasing explosion of electric motorcycles on the market and the advancements in development of fuel free motorcycles; the future seems “electrifying” positive for rechargeable motorcycles! Riding one is different and you will need to make adjustments to your usual riding methods. So here’s what to expect and our guidelines on how to ride an electric motorcycle.


Your first observation with an electric motorcycle is its silence. That’s a factor with any electric vehicle. And riding in this silence can be rather hypnotic. Absent is the vibration from the motor; you’ll have zero transmission noise or roar of the exhaust. At cruising speed, it’s just you, the wind, a slight engine murmur and the hum of your tyres on pavement.

The silence however, is not without risk and may be a notable shortcoming. Similar to electric automobiles you can’t hear them coming. On a motorcycle we ride with the defensive mindset of being invisible and without any sound this accentuates the fact. Being invisible and silent means you’ll have to be even more vigilant.

With regard to performance, a quick twist of the throttle effects instant acceleration and with an average of 68 pound-feet of torque available at any speed you are always good to go! Additionally removing timing and gear shifter means you’ll here is no longer a starting off gear, first gear, which has a maximum low speed output, generally. You’ll be shooting up on-ramps and making passes easier than ever before. Like riding a scooter, an electric motorcycle is super fun – just aim and shoot – rolling on and off the throttle.

Things You’ll Never Do Again:

  • Fill up your fuel tank; pay for fuel
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check engine oil
  • Adjust valve clearance
  • Replace Clutch
  • Sync throttle and idle speed
  • Lubricate choke cables
  • Replace timing belt
  • Check external fuel hoses
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check clutch fluid levels

Here’s What To Expect When You Ride An Electric Motorcycle:

  • Twist and Go! Firstly, it’s like riding a scooter; there’s no clutch or gearbox – just twist the throttle and off you go.
  • Armed and Silent. When switched on and ‘armed’ the bike is totally silent. You will need to be careful not to accidentally twist the throttle or else the bike will move off without you. This again can be compared to riding a scooter.
  • 100% torque instantly! You have to bear in mind that the second you pull away the electric motor will give you 100% torque instantly, unlike a petrol engine, which takes time to get going. After this instant surge of acceleration when moving off, the power is wonderfully controllable and linear as you would expect from an electric motor.
  • No Engine Braking. There’s next to zero engine braking on a standard electric motorcycle – this will take some adjustment again, like riding a scooter. Although regeneration systems are being developed to act as an engine brake, which are intended to also recharge the battery.
  • Downhill speeds increase. Similar to the variable transmission on a scooter, your downhill speed will increase. It will feel like riding a pedal bike downhill. You’ll need to pay attention as before you know it, silently, you’ll be travelling much faster than you feel.
  • Absence of mechanical cues. The next biggest thing to get used to is the absence of lack of the usual acoustic and physical cues of riding such as rev sounds indicating gears or engaging moves of gear shift points.
  • Stress free. The lack of vibes and the roar of a petrol engine, the silent ride- except for wind and tiree noise is de-stressing and oh so relaxing!

An additional satisfaction gained from riding an electric motorcycle is its zero-emissions – a real bonus for our environment(s).

Note:  In the United States electric motorcycles make up less than 1 percent of the motorbike market. This is namely due to their limited ride range, lengthy charge times, and a lack of a convenient nationwide network of charging stations. Additionally the high pricing of the lithium-ion batteries they use for their energy storage.

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