BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Ready for the 2020 GS Trophy New Zealand

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team - MOTORESS

The BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier came to an exciting finish after three days of adventure motorcycling competition near Málaga, Spain.  31 women representing 20 countries all over the world competed for one of the six places on offer in what will be the seventh running of the prestigious BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, to be held in New Zealand in February 2020.

While prior to the event BMW Motorrad had guaranteed places for three women (one team) in the New Zealand competition, for the second time in GS Trophy history the quality of the riders in this women’s qualifier was of such a standard that a second team of three deserved to be included. In the 2017 event this had been communicated at the end of the competition, but this year it was announced ahead of the third and final day, so each could do their utmost to qualify.
The final day’s super test did then see the leader board reshuffle, bringing joy and heartbreak in equal measure.

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team - MOTORESS

Over three days of tough competition, the qualifier pushed the riders to their limits, while creating unforgettable experiences and new friendships along the way. In doing so, it clearly demonstrated that the unique GS spirit is truly alive and kicking across all continents.

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team - MOTORESS

Finally, though, the International GS Trophy 2020 has its six women competitors for the GS Trophy Female Team who will be riding as International team 1 and 2:

• Isabella Londono Rivas – Colombia,
• Nikki van der Spek  – The Netherlands,
• Claire Bichard – France,
• Lisa Taylor  – USA,
• Andrea Box  – Australia
• Klara Finkele  – United Kingdom.

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team - MOTORESS
Int. Female Team 1. Although the riders of Int. Female Team 1 are all from different countries, they’re getting along very well. Claire Bichard (32) comes from France and works as an office manager. Isabela Londono (26) is an architect from Columbia. Nikki van der Spek from the Netherlands is working twenty-four-seven with bikes because she’s a motorcycle instructor.


BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team - MOTORESS
Int. Female Team 2. Already for the third time we’re welcoming our Int. Female Teams at the Int. GS Trophy. We’d like you to meet the ladies from the second team: Andrea Box (28) works as trauma nurse in her homeland Australia. Klara Finkele (54) represents Ireland and is a professional scientist. Policewoman Lisa Taylor (47) comes from the USA.

It’s worth highlighting just how successful this event has become. The first female qualifier, held in 2015, saw ten finalists picked from over 100 applicants. In 2017, 23 competitors won their place in the female final through their national/regional GS Trophy qualifiers. This year, such has been the growth in interest from international GS communities that 32 (including one last minute cancellation) women qualified through to this final.

Unquestionably, this growth both in numbers and riding quality reflects the continued worldwide rise in women’s interest in adventure motorcycling. This year the newly participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands and Norway. The presence of competitors from some of those countries –reflects changing attitudes towards women participating in recreational motorcycling.

It is in the nature of competition that there has to be winners and losers and in the International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier this holds true. However, it is to the credit of the women in this event that the competition does not override the camaraderie and friendships that are formed. The GS Trophy is also a place where East meets West, North meets South, and the women competitors have again shown that we are all more alike than we are different. It’s been said before,  one world, one GS!

It’s been an inspiring event and now the sensational six will join the male teams in New Zealand in February for an adventure of a lifetime.

BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier 2019

GS Trophy Female Team Final standings:

  • Isabella Londono Rivas (COL) 1342
  • Nikki van der Spek (NLD) 1348
  • Claire Bichard (FRA)1385
  • Lisa Taylor (USA) 1396
  • Andrea Box (AUS) 1471
  • Klara Finkele (GBR) 1477
  • Chantel Blake (RSA)1501
  • Petra Kroon (NLD)1510
  • Christelle van der Meulen (RSA)1549
  • Laura Valerie Perez del Campo Calderon (MEX) 1573
  • Kandi Marie Spangler (USA) 1576
  • Caroline MacLean (GBR) 1593
  • Yifei Xu (CHN) 1627
  • Adele Innocenti (ITA) 1657
  • Teresita Rodriguez Rivas (CRI) 1802
  • Maya Mufti (JOR) 1829
  • Grece Kassab (LBN) 1896
  • Virginia Guidetti (ARG) 1970
  • Vanessa Ruzanowsky Grillo Rezende (BRA) 2007
  • Stephanie Schinkel (MEX) 2070
  • Khaizatul Akmar Zabadin (MYS) 2073
  • Yizhen Zhou (CHN) 2139
  • Sylvie Soltges ep. Urbain (FRA) 2172
  • Elis Suriani Johari (MYS) 2430
  • Mieko Yoshida (JPN) 2598
  • Cinthia Morales (BRA) 2611
  • Ai Mizutani (JPN) 2685
  • Siham Loudghiri (MAR) 2709
  • Ananyalan Wattananupong (THA) 2969
  • Kate Wilhemsen (NOR) 3160
  • Ibtissam Eleuldj (MAR) 3259


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