Health by Motorbike Helping Women and Girls

Health by Motorbike is a mobile health initiative for rural Kenya delivering basic health education, services and equipment to women and adolescent girls living in remote areas of Kenya. Using professional health workers – and steady drivers Health by Motorbike reach communities which have no nearby services of their own, and which are otherwise inaccessible.

Health by Motorbike Helping Women and Girls - motoress
Health by Motorbike Helping Women and Girls

Health by Motorbike Helping Women and Girls – goals provide health education outreach for women and adolescent girls by professional health workers on motorbike. Furthermore by motorcycle, mobile clinics are created with basic medical equipment and basic medication to serve women and children within these same communities throughout the year.

Their Mama-Toto Mobile Clinic (“Mother-Child Mobile Clinic” in Swahili) is a motorcycle equipped with two cooler bags full of basic medications and vaccines. The motorcycle travels during the year to the rural communities of Lungalunga, Godo and Perani. These host remote villages on the south coast of Kenya, south of Mombasa and a few Kilometres north of Tanzania. This is a malaria endemic zone with extremely high infant and maternal mortality rates.

Health by Motorbike began as a collaboration of three powerful forces:

  1. World Pulse and PulseWire, a media enterprise covering global issues through the eyes of women and where women speak for themselves to the world and connect to solve global problems.
  2. Project Africa-Kenya, a non-profit organization that brings together women and men to share their expertise, resources, and skills to empower marginalized rural women and girls to broaden their capacity and raise above the social challenges.
  3. University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) where Dr. Araceli Alonso, Associate Faculty in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and the School of Medicine and Public Health, created a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the students’ experience in her classes. The result of this service learning experience has been a radically-effective and transformative method of both teaching her students and strengthened the communities they serve.

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