Kylie Fasnacht Wins Iron Man Women’s Motocross Championship Round Six

After taking a short break for the summer, the Women’s Motocross Championship (WMX) resumed action with round six of the 10-round series. Defending champion and current points leader Kylie Fasnacht added another win to her resume after the Team Green Kawasaki rider swept both motos at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Cycle Trader’s Marissa Markelon put up a hard fight for second (2-2), while Kaitlyn Morrow rounded out the overall podium with 4-3 moto finishes.

Kylie Fasnacht Wins Iron Man WMX - MOTORESS
Kylie Fasnacht took home the overall win at Ironman Raceway with a pair of first place moto finishes. Photo: Tomboy Barbie Photography

Obermeyer Suzuki’s Mackenzie Tricker pushed Fasnacht wide in the first turn of Moto 1, as Markelon was able to slip underneath and grab the holeshot to start Sunday’s racing action. While Markelon tried to set a fast pace, Fasnacht began catching up and was able to make the move for the lead when Markelon made a small mistake in a turn.

Mackenzie Tricker (#28) earned fourth overall in Indiana after finishing third in moto 1 and fourth in moto 2. Photo: Tomboy Barbie Photography

“It took me a while to move to the front and once I did it took me maybe three or four turns to get around Marissa,” said Fasnacht. “After I got by, she sat on my back tire for a little bit, but I was finally able to make a big gap and try to check out.”

The historic Ironman Raceway tested the WMX rider’s fitness levels and skillset with the rough and rutted track. The conditions ultimately played a role when it came to the pass for the lead. “I had the lead and the track was so rough and I just made a mistake and Kylie went by,”Markelon said about the pass.

Fasnacht was able to begin gapping the rest of the field once she secured the lead position, and was able to cross the line with a comfortable gap over Markelon. Tricker stayed within striking distance of the two front-runners to finish third. Stone/Fly/Scott/Cycle Shack North Yamaha rider Kaitlyn Morrow placed fourth with Kawasaki-mounted Shelby Rolen rounding out the top-five.

Moto 2 was a near duplicate of the first moto, with Markelon jumping out to the early lead, with Fasnacht in tow. Markelon would face issues by the conclusion of the first lap after she dropped into a rut allowing a rock to wedge in her rear brake, rendering it useless.

“For pretty much the rest of the race I didn’t have brakes,” said Markelon. “My brakes came back with a couple of laps to go, so whatever was in my brakes must have fallen out near the end.”

With Markelon riding without a rear brake, it wasn’t long before Fasnacht was able to capitalize on Markelon’s misfortune.

“I caught up to Marissa and followed her for a couple of laps and then I was able to get by her and pull a lead,” said Fasnacht. “I felt some pressure about halfway into the race and it was Markelon and Kaitlyn Morrow in a battle and they were catching me.”

The battle between Markelon and Morrow carried the duo to within striking distance of Fasnacht, at which point Fasnacht put her head down and picked up the pace. “I just concentrated on my lines and tried to stay smooth and I was able to pull away from them,” said Fasnacht.

Marissa Markelon went 2-2 for a second overall at round 6 of the WMX Championship in Indiana. Photo: Tomboy Barbie Photography

Kylie Fasnacht’s Win Extended Her Series Lead

Fasnacht cross the finish line with room to spare over Markelon in second. Morrow finished third, with Tricker and Rolen following in fourth and fifth. Fasnacht’s win extended her lead in the series point standings to 30 points over Markelon, who came into the race still feeling the effects of an injury she suffered at the 35th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National at the Loretta Lynn Ranch just one month ago.

“At this point I have nothing left to lose, I have to go for it,” said Markelon. “I don’t think I was in the right mind-state coming into this race because of my injury and I was a bit apprehensive. I rode well but not like I should have. Kylie pulled away from me after getting around me.”

The WMX series packs up and heads north to Michigan for the famed Baja Brawl this weekend, September 3. This race will serve as the seventh round of the 2016 season.

WMX Results

  1. Kylie Fasnacht (KAW) 1-1
  2. Marissa Markelon (YAM) 2-2
  3. Kaitlyn Marrow (YAM) 4-3
  4. Mackenzie Tricker (SUZ) 3-4
  5. Shelby Rolen (KAW) 5-5
  6. Amanda Brown (KAW) 7-6
  7. Eve Brodeur (KTM) 6-7
  8. Bryce Martinez (HON) 8-8
  9. Lauren Woods (YAM) 9-9
  10. Mikayla Inman (KTM) 10-10

WMX Series Points Standings:

  1. Kylie Fasnacht (283)
  2. Marissa Markelon (253)
  3. Kaitlyn Morrow (1202)
  4. Mackenzie Tricker (197)
  5. Eve Brodeur (175)
  6. Amanda Brown (166)
  7. Shelby Rolen (130)
  8. Lauren Woods (120)
  9. Nicole Gaudern (110)
  10. Brittany Gagne (98)

2016 Women’s MX Championship Schedule

  • Round 7: September 3, Baja Brawl, Millington, MI
  • Round 8: October 2, Kawasaki Race Of Champions, Englishtown, NJ
  • Round 9: October 9, Budds Creek, Mechanicsville, MD
  • Round 10: November 26, Winter Olympics, Alachua, FL




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