Scooter Endurance Rally by KYMCO is Mad Mad Fun!

Mad Scooter Rally on MotoressThe popular scooter brand KYMCO, in Canada has been a long-time partner for one of the craziest scooter events of the planet- the amusing, tough and fun to ride, Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. The 2015 edition will be run by KYMCO Canada, the new owners of the rally.

The Mad Bastard scooter rally occurs once every two years. The rally originated was created by editor of, and was first held in 2005. It started as an informal ride around Lake Ontario totalling 850 kilometres and ridden non-stop by four mad bastards, including the editor of the CMG Rob Harris. That first ride spawned the idea to make it a regular rally, and in 2007 it had become an organized event. The rally is intended mainly for scooters or mopeds of less than 50 cc. There are four classes, categorized by engine displacement. The Day Release class is for scooters greater than 200 cc; Therapy Required is for scooters between 110 and 200 cc; Heavily Medicated is for scooters between 50 and 110cc; and finally, the Straightjacket class for scooters of less than 50cc.

The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is not just about completing the route within your allotted class time- it’s also about collecting “mad” points along the way. There are a variety of categories for the mad points including the madness of the rider costume, as well as the age or uniqueness of his/her scooter.  Mad points are also awarded for various acts of madness, both set by us and created by the riders. There is a high percentage of points based on Class in order to ensure that riders on 50cc scoots would benefit from their act of madness, in turn making it more difficult (though not entirely impossible) for someone to win on a bigger scoot.

With more than a decade of partnership between KYMCO and the rally, the 2015 edition will continue to be a fabulous mix of insanity.

MOTORESS has been a participant, sponsor and supporter since 2007 and is fully supporting the event again this year!

The 2015 edition of the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is held June 19-21 from Guelph Ontario. The over 100 participants will ride a 600km route through some of Southern Ontario’s beautiful roads. The event is open to any motorcyclist with an inclination for the absurd and access to a scooter – preferably 50cc.

Visit the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally for more details.


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