Great Results at Suzuka 4 Hours Race for Synergy Force MORIWAKI Women’s Team

Synergy Force MORIWAKI Women’s Team MOTORESSThe Suzuka 4 Hour Race a shorter endurance race which preludes the annual Suzuka 8 hour endurance race hosted the only women’s team among 78 competing teams for its 2015 edition. The Motorsport Synergy Force MORIWAKI two rider team, was represented by young Avalon Biddle (rider #1) of New Zealand and Shelina Moreda (rider #2) of USA. For the second year team Synergy Force MORIWAKI has entered with an all women’s team.

The race began with Avalon as the starting rider. Avalon came into the team at short notice replacing rider Melissa Paris who had to bow out due to medical issues.

Avalon clears the first lap without any problems however, in the first half of her period there were situations on the track where safety cars had to come in. This caused Avalon to go 24 laps which is more than her scheduled lap plan. She finally came into the pits and switched with Shelina.

Grabbing the baton from Avalon, Shelina shows intense riding from the beginning until she suffers from severe pain in the arms making it very hard for her to go the distance. The team immediately makes another plan and changes the balance of the distance with Avalon to cover Shelina.

Avalon did just that with her consistency and made incredible progress for the team on each round throughout the race with lapping the time of 2.24 seconds. Her riding got better and better every time she got on the bike.

With a total of six team combined pit stops, the girls finished above the MORIWAKI rank in 2014 at 26th position out of 51 total contending teams.Synergy Force MORIWAKI Women’s Team MOTORESS

Avalon Biddle (NZ) – says, “We are here just having finished the Suzuka 4 Hours Race with Synergy Force MORIWAKI Club. My teammate Shelina Moreda and I, by supported by FIM Women in Motorcycling had an absolutely amazing race. After qualifying 51st, the weekend went from the race in 26th position. I had so much fun out there and really enjoyed completing so many laps. I want to say a big hello to everyone at home in New Zealand, thank you so much for the support from WIL Sport, Rex Mincher and all my other sponsors who got me here and of course thank you to MORIWAKI.

Shelina Moreda (USA) says, “We finished the Suzuka 4 Hours Race with Synergy Force MORIWAKI Club and Iʼm so pumped right now. We did better than we did last year, there were more riders, there were faster riders here this year, we started out 51th and we finished 26th out of 78 teams. My teammate Avalon was amazing she rode SO well. I am really glad that FIM Women in Motorcycling has put together such an amazing opportunity for us and that we got Synergy Force and MORIWAKI backing us. I want to say hi to everybody and thank you guys because as you know, the lot of you cheer the faster I go.

Synergy Force MORIWAKI Club thanks everyone who has supported them, their main sponsor Synergy Force Japan Co., LTD. (Japanese company who makes energy drinks), and all other sponsors involved in this project.

Congrats ladies!

*source press release Moriwaki

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