Valerie Thompson Five Time Land Speed Holder Joins BUB Speed Trials


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Val Thompson MOTORESS

Valerie Thompson’s Leap For Speed

Five-time land speed record holder Valerie Thompson (VTRacing) joins prestigious competitors club with a two way record of 201.02 mph this summer on her CTEK Battery Chargers sponsored BMW S1000RR. This was one of the two premier land speed racing events on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah this summer.

The BUB Speed Trials, a motorcycle-only competition was held August 24 through 29 on the wind swept Salt Flats. Thompson became an official member of the BUB Speed Trials 201 MPH Club after posting a record two way average speed of 201.02 mph in the 1000cc MPS/AG class.  Unfortunately, her record was surpassed later in the event “They say you don’t own a record, they are only on loan.  It would have been nice if they loaned it to me for a bit longer” said a smiling Thompson

Valerie’s first Bonneville competition was the 65th Annual Southern California Timing Association’s Speedweek event, held August 10-16.  “We were plagued with electronic issues all week that kept us sidelined. With help from BMW Motorrad, Heads Up Performance, BMW of Utah and BMW of San Diego we made three runs on the last full day of competition with a top speed of 203 mph, to date, my fastest run on the Salt,” stated Thompson.

“Thanks to Scott Horner, Bob Clark and Steve Davidson, our BMW was performing much better at BUB. Even with the strong winds I achieved a long-time goal of joining the BUB 201 MPH Club here on the Salt,” stated Valerie. “I’ve taken my BMW over 200 mph multiple times, but it was always on paved tracks. Exceeding 200 mph on the salt at Bonneville is extremely gratifying due to the difficulty to achieve those speeds on the irregular, unpredictable surface,” she added.

Thompson is also a member of the Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club and Texas Mile 200 MPH Club. She set a personal best top speed of 212 mph on her BMW S 1000 RR during the March 2013 Texas Mile competition.
Congrats Valerie what a great end to the season!

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