Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket with Gore-Tex Built for Adventure

Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket - MOTORESS
Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Triumph are pleased to announce a new partnership– with Gore-Tex, the globally renowned technical ‘all-weather’ protection brand. This is a totally unique relationship, making Triumph the only motorcycle brand with a fully in-house designed range incorporating Gore-Tex technology, and the only European motorcycle brand with an in house developed ‘pro-shell’ riding suit –with Gore-Tex.

Triumph for 2018 offers a new stylish lineup of adventure clothing for women motorcycle riders. This includes three families of jackets and trousers, plus gloves, but also extends into Triumph motorcycles classic rider wear. All of which come with the latest generation of D3o armour.

Exclusive Partnership Triumph and GORE-TEX

  • The all-new 2018 Adventure collection is designed by Triumph and incorporates Gore-Tex and D3o
  • Triumph is the sole OEM motorcycle manufacturer licensed by Gore.
  • Triumph is the only European OEM motorcycle brand with an in-house developed
    pro shell riding suit with Gore-Tex.
Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket - MOTORESS
Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Women’s Snowdon Jacket  

Meeting all the functional requirements of an adventure rider, the stylish ladies GORE-TEX the Triumph Women’s Snowdon jacket has been engineered to tackle the most extreme conditions, whilst ensuring the products are tailored and designed specifically for women.

Built to last, the Snowdon jacket and jeans are constructed with a GORE-TEX membrane z-liner.
Z-Liner construction means that the GORE-TEX membrane is bonded to a lightweight carrier fabric and is then freely suspended between the garments outer layer and lining.  The Snowdon also features inner storm cuffs and air vents to enable the rider to regulate and maintain a comfortable core body temperature.

Protection for a truly waterproof product depends on more than just the fabric. Every stitch in a seam is a potential leak. Every seam in our garments and gloves is sealed by specially trained manufacturers in certified factories using patented equipment from Gore.

In addition D3o impact protectors are used throughout, alongside purposeful reflective detailing for increased visibility of the rider.

Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX Z Liner membrane. Air vents directing maximum flow through main body. Sleeve adjustment for controlled, personal fit. Waist and wrist adjustment. Full D30 Armour protection with removable shoulder elbow and back protectors. Reflective detailing for visibility. Water repellent zipper pockets.

Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket - MOTORESS
Triumph Snowdon Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Best Adventure Clothing Technology, Capability and Style

 Waterproof, engineered for the extreme!

  • Wind proof, keeps you warn in the coldest of climates
  • Breathable, allows moisture to escape
  • Comfortable, lightweight and flexible
  • Protective, with D3o technology for impact protection without compromising comfort
  • Attractive, contemporary designs, with reflective detailing for increased rider visibility

Benefits to the Rider

By keeping water out of the material you are wearing, GORE-TEX clothing prevents heat loss, keeps you dry and comfortable, and works during extended use in harsh conditions.

The Triumph Rider Wear clothing range with GORE-TEX  provides riders with a significant level of climate protection, even during more extreme off-road adventures, without compromising comfort and flexibility.

When you are looking to take your adventure off-road and into harsher conditions, the range of premium textile jackets and trousers are packed with multi-functional features and constructed from high-end fabric technologies to provide you with the ultimate motorcycle gear, whatever the weather.

The GORE-TEX Membrane

At the centre of GORE-TEX fabric is an extremely thin membrane of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). This membrane has over 1.4 billion pores per square centimetre, and each is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. GORE-TEX products employ a variety of uniquely constructed structured membranes that are bonded between a high-performance lining and durable textile materials. The fabric is then treated with a coating known as DWR – or a durable water repellent polymer, that beads water and prevents it from soaking in to the fabric. The combination of the membrane, DWR, and support materials gives the fabric its characteristics of being waterproof, windproof and breathable, perfect for riding in challenging conditions.

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  1. I love my Snowdon jacket. I just bought it a few weeks ago from Engle Motors in Kansas City, our fabulous Triumph/BMW/Royal Enfield dealership, and hadn’t had a Gore-Tex jacket before. I wore it on a 4700 mile trip out west encountering temperatures ranging from the high thirties to well over a hundred degrees, and it was incredibly comfortable. I layered up under it for cold, and soaked down a shirt and closed the vents across the Mojave desert. I am hoping to get the pants soon. A good purchase at a good price. Very glad I have it.

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