Arai Pro Shade Visor System Offers Superb Sun Shielding

Arai Sun Shade Visor MOTORESS
Arai Sun Shade Visor

Adventure touring riders love the benefits of having the peak on their helmets when riding towards the sun, especially at sunrise or sunset. Touring riders also get similar results from the Arai CT-Z. And it is quite common to use a retractable sun-visor that is situated between the helmet’s outer- and inner shell to protect against sun glare.

Pro Shade Visor Quickly and Easily Raised

The new Arai Pro Shade visor system replaces the face shield of any of our current full-face helmets that use the SAI-type shield. When raised, the shield works like a peak, and minimizes glare when the sun is higher in the sky. Lowering the shield reduces the amount of light entering the helmet, particularly beneficial when the sun is lower in the sky. The shield can be quickly and easily raised and lowered by the rider depending upon riding conditions. The movable portion of the shield is designed to break away easily in the event of an impact, and does not compromise the energy management capability engineered into the helmet shell.

Arai’s standards in helmet technology has always been foremost for safety. With that Arai’s opinion that usual visor in helmet constructions could affect the performance of a helmet during impact. As the Pro Shade System is completely mounted on the outside of the helmet, it will not in any way negatively affect performance.

The Pro Shade System is a small peak that is locked in position. Unlocking is easy; just pull the Pro Shade System forward, then it can be flipped down with a flick of the hand to act as an effective sun-visor. The Pro Shade System is the complete all-weather system for serious touring riders, offering protection against sun glare, fogging and misting, especially for riders that prefer an upright seating position and/or the comfort of a fairing, the Pro Shade System will enhance the rider’s comfort significantly.


  • Complete system, pre-mounted on clear Arai MAX Vision visor (included)
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • No contact with visor: no scratching
  • Increased helmet stability
  • Fits all Arai SAI full-face helmets including the Arai Corsair V, Vector 2, RX-Q, Arai Signet-Q and Defiant
  • Enhanced aerodynamics

Retail price: CAD109.99

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