CurbNinja Motorbike Parking App Makes Finding Motorcycle Parking Easy

Finding safe and reliable parking got a whole lot easier for twenty-five million motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts across North America with the CurbNinja motorbike parking App. CurbNinja is the first community-based parking solution designed specifically for users who rely on motorbikes (motorcycles & scooters) for transportation. Like other community-based solutions CurbNinja relies on the power of its users to accurately maintain its inventory of parking spots specific to motorbikes.

CurbNinja for Riders on MOTORESS
CurbNinja For Finding Motorbike Specific Parking

Awesome Parking App for Motorcyclists

The CurbNinja Motorbike Parking App allows users to search for and share street parking spots in their city. Searchable in both a map and list view, each parking spot listing is complete with a photo, restrictions and a description; all details of which are fully editable by users. For metered spots, the listing also includes hours of operation and rates. All spots are locatable by the user’s current location or destination and navigable by the app’s driving directions.

“We’re all aware that parking in urban areas is a huge problem,” said Tim Hines, Co-Founder. “However, motorbike riders suffer their own unique pains like long searches, availability, costs and most importantly, safety. Most cities do not offer an infrastructure for motorbike parking which has created a Wild West for anyone with steel between their legs.” CurbNinja embarked on a mission to make parking information more accessible by giving the motorbike community a platform to share their insights.

CurbNinja for Riders on MOTORESS
CurbNinja Founders

In addition to improved features, CurbNinja motorbike parking app has business listings in the search functionality allowing users to find motorbiker-friendly businesses nearby like repair shops, parts stores, mechanics and restaurants. The business listings include photos, descriptions, website links, and phone numbers for quick reference by users.

“By adding business listings to the app, we’re able to offer a more complete solution,” said Fred Lebed, Co-Founder. “Motorbikers are now able to see what resources the community has to offer while finding parking around them.” Businesses pay a small monthly subscription fee for the listing which reaches CurbNinja’s active network of motorbikers across the country.

CurbNinja motorbike parking  App keeps expanding its parking spots database throughout the USA and Canada.

Download the app for iphone or Android and begin to feel the power of the CurbNinja!

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