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Kinekt Gear Ring on MOTORESS

Kinekt Gear Ring Playfully Perfect For Every Motorcycle Rider

The Kinekt Gear Ring has truly become my most preferred piece of jewellery. Its ingenious design features micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun!  It’s absolutely fabulous – a must have for every rider, and every woman motorcycle enthusiast!


AXO MX Socks Skully Performance Attitude

As you might be aware the “skull” has been in fashion for the past few years. You’ll find it accenting scarves, earrings, bracelets, even fabric prints. So AXO MX Socks Skully incorporate the cuter version of ole “skully” in their women’s MX (motocross) sock.

Harley Davidson phone case

Harley-Davidson Phone Case Ideal for Motorcycle Riders

This stylish leather Harley-Davidson phone case clips onto your belt and is the perfect accessory to house any woman motorcyclist riders’ smart-phone! Accented with the traditional Harley-Davidson bar and shield emblem, its sturdy, steel band, bend resistant clip fastens right onto your belt or the waist of your riding pants.

Hells angels Fashion Faux Pax - MOTORESS

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Want Nothing to Do with Fashion

the notoriously world renowned, Harley-Davidson riding motorcycle “biker” club the “Hells Angels” filed a law suit in California federal court. The suit claims that Alexander McQueen and retailers, such as Saks Fifth Avenue are selling four-finger rings,