New Features Set For 13th International Female Ride Day As Legendary Women’s Ride Day Approaches

13th International Female Ride Day As Legendary Women’s Ride Day Approaches - MOTORESS
This is Anna with her Italian sister. Photo taken on 2015 IFRD.

For the 13th edition of International Female Ride Day© (IFRD) –  Saturday 4 May, 2019 – I’m pleased to announce some very exciting changes.  Since its introduction, IFRD continues to prove its strength and its huge influence on the growth of women motorcycle riders and escalating interest for motorcycling the world over. IFRD is an important and valuable event for the ongoing growth and prosperity of female riders and motorcycling for women. Fondly referred to as the women rider’s global movement,  IFRD continues to reach and join women across all cultures and countries and all ages and experiences! Many things in the world we ride amidst have changed since I introduced IFRD and here in 2019, I am happy to add new features to IFRD which I trust you will enjoy and appreciate.

Infamous IFRD Logo and Icon

The iconic IFRD logo has changed and evolved each year. For 2019 and future, I am introducing a logo which will be the standard each year. It will be similar to the logo you’ve seen in the past containing all the components and symbols of IFRD. The logo will continue to be updated annually with date and edition number each year and be provided in the various languages requested. This is for use on your flyers, printouts, event notification etc. (please note this is not used for on merchandise).

IFRD T-Shirt and Merchandise Art

It’s exciting to share this change with you! Starting this year, I will invite a guest artist to design the official authentic IFRD collectible t-shirt. This idea for me adds such an exciting component to the IFRD spirit.  The yearly exclusive artwork will endorse the special and unique diversities IFRD represents and profile the talents of another woman motorcyclist.

IFRD collects no funding, no donations, or financial support. All the effort, design, management – on a global scale – comes solely from my personal finances. The official merchandise with a twofold benefit – providing something for IFRD riders to keep and treasure on the ride day itself and offer some compensation to the costs of running IFRD.

The exclusive t-shirt and merchandise will be revealed shortly.

International Female Ride Day© Honorary Representative

Through the years there have been women the world over who have gone above and beyond the JUST RIDE action. I’ve wanted to recognise these women with an honorary mention – the time is now.

With that intention I am introducing the International Female Ride Day© Honorary Representative (IFRDHR) role and acknowledgement.

This will be an IFRD influencer which I have observed and invited to the role to take a seat on a diverse representative team. A rep who,  by example is spotlighted and who continues to encourage others in their own unique IFRD roles and methods.

What Is It?

The IFRDHR role is a recognition of fundamental IFRD representation as well as an “ambassador” of sorts . It is a representative volunteer role – as well as a designation to a person which I wish to extend honour and recognition to.  The IFRDHR acknowledgement is not about magnitude yet about personal example even if this example has been demonstrated in a solo, single manner.

Additionally, women who feel they wish to be a representative or know someone whom they wish to nominate, are welcome to apply. Just send in an email with your explanation and details.  Note that in many cases there will be several acknowledged reps per country and that not one person will be governed as the “sole” rep for their country and region.

Here a few More details:

    • Is a woman rider who advocates, is dedicated to and represents IFRD accurately and in a positive light.
    • Is a woman rider who has demonstrated IFRD involvement and/or leadership.
    • Has and currently works to increase awareness and deliver IFRD support while promoting IFRD ideals to others; through her own example.
    • Is an IFRD role model in demeanour, values and ethics helping to strengthen the IFRD relationship in her own motorsport community.
    • An influencer in motorsport and other audiences working towards and within the goals of IFRD for women in motorcycling.
    • Positive spokesperson, motorcycle rider, opinion leader or a community influencer, who continues to build IFRD awareness.
    • The IFRD honorary rep can be an individual, group or club.
    • Is considered to be an authority for IFRD and are well informed when it comes to IFRD history, origin, goals and so forth.
    • The IFRDHR is a “go-to” person for other women riders or those within the region she represents.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the celebration, success and growth of IFRD and its importance to our female motorsport demographic. Your continued support and involvement –  be it solo or in a group remains vital to the goals of respect, equality and acceptance sought in motorcycling. Together we’ve changed motorcycling and will continue to until there is no need to do so any more.

Thank you and see you on International Female Ride Day© – JUST RIDE!


Vicki Gray

Founder IFRD

Special Mention:

For her amazing support and dedication, I wish to personally acknowledge the efforts of American “Lady Fred” who has greatly assisted me and the IFRD cause, representing USA. Lady Fred has worked within social media particularly Facebook as IFRD Ambassador working to promote USA on IFRD. She has assisted thousands of women find events, join IFRD and JUST RIDE! She has been invited with due credit to take up her Honorary role within the IFRDHR team. Thank you Lady Fred!


  1. It’s been a honor and pleasure to help educate women riders and the public about the best day of the year to be a female rider! Thanks for the honor to represent your AWESOME event! #JustRide

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