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International Female Ride Day© is the world’s largest and only global campaign for women riders. On the first Saturday in the month of May, women motorcycle riders the world over hop on their motorcycles and “JUST RIDE!©“. All types of motorcycles – cruiser, sport bike, touring, off-road; all ages, all terrains – join in. In order to keep the communications going we keep our FACEBOOK PAGE and GROUP active all year-long! As do our many members and friends – like you.

Find IFRD Events and Friends in Your Area

Join our Facebook page and / or group for your best “JUST RIDE!©” day experience. The best way to find an event or happening to take part in, is to join the IFRD Facebook group and the page. You can also sign up for groups in your area or events. Just do a search within the general Facebook search tab at the top of your page, type in “international female ride day” and look for the geographical locations usually noted in the title of the event. And if you’re going to create an event , be sure to note your city address in the event title – like this: “International Female Ride Day Atlanta”.

Our IFRD Facebook Group is Private

When you make the request to join the IFRD group you will be asked a few motorcycle related questions and then approved by one of our admins or moderators. The reason for this is though IFRD is an open invitation happening, we have experienced unwanted persons soliciting our group as well as its members for their own cause. The only way we can control this is to make th group private. And this is a group is for women only, however that may be defined.

Add Your Friends to the Group

Facebook has become the greatest social networking tool around and it’s enabled us to bring women riders together. It’s also helped women riders like yourself make your International Female Ride Day© arrangements, and connections.  And friends made on IFRD stay connected all year long. You’ll continue to stay in touch with the new rider friends you made on this special ride day and connect with others. Feel free to add, invite and recommend your friends to the IFRD Facebook Group!

Over the years, we’ve recorded, first-hand, thousands of stories of women connecting via IFRD each year. Some of our best memories are when women reunite in motorcycling after losing touch with childhood friendships. We’ve observed women’s clubs’ beginnings just because of IFRD and even those who’d never share the road with another like-minded female rider – until getting out there and riding on IFRD.

Enjoy viewing the Facebook photo selections uploaded every year and sharing your own. This is the place to communicate, share and “JUST RIDE!©

Let’s keep the momentum going! Join in on the conversations on the IFRD Facebook page if you haven’t yet.

Join us and “JUST RIDE!©

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