2019 International Female Ride Day Logo For 13th Edition of Worldwide Women’s Motorcycle Ride Day

2019 International Female Ride Day Logo - Vicki Gray - MOTORESS

Here she is, the 13th edition iconic International Female Ride Day logo. Through the years the IFRD logo has evolved yet stays true to the incorporation of certain elements. These represent the IFRD story.

This is the icon to display on your Facebook page, your website and so forth. By displaying it you flag the unity experienced across all cultures on this one day  – the first Saturday in May – 4 May, 2019. This is the world’s largest and only women motorcycle rider event which is also synchronized across all borders.

Display Your 2019 International Female Ride Day Logo And Get Ready to JUST RIDE!

The complete image emphasises the broadness of this campaign with the globe pictured in the design. The woman rider’s open face helmet is to highlight her  face showing that it is visibly female. You’ll also notice her face is tilted up; chin high. Searching the horizon an ever open-mindedness and forward thinking – ever seeking forward.

We include the various forms of motorcycles you’ll see included as small silhouettes within the image. This emphasises the fact that International Female Ride Day© is an inclusive event and for all motorcycle types, ages and forms of riding.  Equally, all manufacturers/brands, styles and sizes of motorbikes are invited to join in and JUST RIDE!

Shortly we’ll have your IFRD logo available in French and a few other languages. And if you don’t see the language you need, please use the contact form and send a note.

2019 International Female Ride Day Logo - Vicki Gray - MOTORESS

2019 International Female Ride Day T-Shirt and Merchandise

As you may have READ that 2019 brings some very exciting changes with regard to the logo and design.  The collectible t-shirt will have its own design, however there will also be some standard logo merchandise and both available shortly. The aim is to have a somewhat standardised logo each year and a special feature t-shirt. This year is the first aiming for that direction.

PLEASE Remember The IFRD Logo May Not Be Changed or Altered

The IFRD logo is copyrighted artwork, which you have permission to use **BUT NOT FOR MERCHANDISE (T-SHIRTS, CAPS, ETC).  It is happily provided to share and spread the word and show that you’re part of the world’s only synchronized women’s motorcycling event. And really, WHY WOULD YOU want to change the image which unifies us and signifies women motorcycle riders across all cultures, and borders.

Please view  LICENSING AGREEMENT here.

Enjoy your 2019 International Female Ride Day© Saturday 4 May, 2019 for the astounding 13th edition! Be safe, be smart, have fun and  JUST RIDE!

Vicki Gray, Founder 


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