Flat Track Female Shayna Texter Takes Astounding 4th

Flat Track Woman Racer Shayna

Shayna Texter’s Flat Track successes just keep on sliding up! Coming into the season’s finale of the AMA Pro Flat Track presented by J & P Cycles, Shayna aimed to score her third Pro Singles victory of 2013. Her expert efforts and determination during the 16 lap Pro Singles race were well matched. Her battle gave her an astounding seventh place and an overall fourth for the season – out of 60 competitors.  She was just two points shy of taking third for the series.

A native of Willow Street Pennsylvania, Shayna comes from a racing family.  Her late father and grandfather both raced and so does her brother Cory.  Her love of racing started in 2003 after she spent the beginning of the season watching her brother race and decided she wanted to give it a try.  And, from the beginning, she was hooked, and it was also apparent that she was extremely talented at flat –tracking.

At five feet tall and weighing in at 95 lbs., Shayna Texter doesn’t fit the average picture of a flat track racer. But one look at her on-track skill and you’ll see she isn’t just your average competitor. Shayna’s talents have made history as she is the first woman in 50 years of AMA Grand National racing to ever win a GNC Pro Singles Main Event. And, not only has this talented 21 year old taken top honours at one race, she has earned three additional victories last season: The Sacramento Mile, the Knoxville Half-Mile and the Tucson Half-Mile. This year, she again won the AMA Pro Sacramento Mile and the Indy Mile.

“I started off on a TTR-125 which definitely didn’t have a lot of horsepower,” smiles Texter.  “After a couple of races I figured I was ready to move it up a notch and I began racing on a YZ 85.  It did the trick and I began making my way in the two-wheeled world.”   Shayna did more than begin to make her way into the two-wheeled world; her first season, she won every 85 and 100cc race she entered and dominated the local women’s class races.

Continuing her climb up the ladder of success Shayna competed in numerous amateur championships over the next four years accumulating a long list of victories and championships, earning her the distinction of being named 2006 AMA Female Rider of the year.

Shayna went pro in 2007 and continued to advance her skills adding more victories, including two additional AMA Pro Singles wins at Sacramento and another first at Knoxville.

“Being the first female to win an AMA Pro Singles was totally awesome,” says Shayna.   “It took awhile for it to really sink in.  I had to go back and re-watch the video to make sure it wasn’t a dream.  One of the things I will never forget is coming around turn four in Knoxville after taking the checkered and the entire expert field was standing there congratulating me.  It meant so much to me.”

Off track Shayna is constantly on the go. “In addition to racing,” she says, “I attend the California University of Pennsylvania and am majoring in sports management.  When not in school, I work on my bikes.  Any other spare time I have is spent with my family. They’re a big part of who I am and my sister is into full time gymnastics and my brother is into full time wrestling, so I’m always there supporting them as much as I can, attending every single one of their events during the off season. That’s who I am. I’m about racing and I’m about family.”

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