Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology For Amazing Corner-carving Experience

Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology - MOTORESS
Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology

The NIKEN GT takes Yamaha’s new three-wheeled platform to the next level with the addition of standard amenities like heated grips, standard side cases, a touring seat and a tall windscreen. Equipped with an Ackerman steering system, twin 15-inch front wheels and an adjustable, dual-upside-down fork, the NIKEN concept was designed to deliver an amazing corner-carving experience and elevated rider confidence in all conditions. The increased contact patch of the NIKEN produces a higher level of front-end grip (compared to a conventional motorcycle) that is particularly noticeable during cornering and braking. Deep lean angles up to 45 degrees are achievable, a direct result of the stability and technology of the Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) system. Truly, the NIKEN’s unique and dynamic characteristics make it feel and handle like no other motorcycle.

Visually, the NIKEN GT is unmistakable from anything else on the road. The twin front wheels form the focal point from which the futuristic cowl and integrated fuel tank flow, exhibiting a unique, mass-forward look that emphasizes the NIKEN GT’s bold profile. The muscular, athletic stance of the NIKEN is given a level of sophistication on the GT version thanks to lustrous Phantom Blue paint and the twin sets of gold fork legs.

Fitted with a range of special equipment, the new NIKEN GT brings added functionality to the three-wheel concept by offering enhanced long-distance touring capabilities and elevated comfort. A tall windscreen gives greater wind and weather protection, while comfort seats enhance the sport touring experience for both the rider and passenger. Premium, 25-litre, semi-soft side cases are durable, light and easy to handle. Heated grips ensure riding comfort in colder weather conditions, and two 12-volt outlets are included to power or charge your devices. The GT model also comes with a centre stand for maintenance and parking, plus a rear carrier (which can accommodate a top case) with integrated passenger grips.

Ample torque and acceleration are provided by a retuned version of Yamaha’s renowned three-cylinder, 847 cc CP3 engine. The NIKEN GT’s sporty side is further elevated by an electronics suite that includes three riding modes, three-level traction control and a standard quick shifter.

An early deposit program is available for those who want to be among the first to own this revolutionary three-wheeled sport tourer.

Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology - MOTORESS
Yamaha NIKEN GT Multi-Wheel Technology

NIKEN GT Key Features

  • High windscreen
  • Comfort seats
  • Heated grips
  • Semi-soft 25-litre ABS side cases
  • Rear carrier base with passenger grip
  • Main stand
  • Second 12v DC outlet
  • Radical, bold and unique 3-wheel design
  • Advanced leaning multi-wheel technology
  • Deep lean angle, maximum 45 degrees
  • Fully adjustable rear suspension
  • 847 cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine
  • TCS, QSS, A&S clutch, D-MODE, Cruise Control
  • Hybrid steel/aluminium frame

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